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Essential Oils: Why are they essential for hair growth?

Welcome to NaturAll Club’s latest Ingredient Spotlight! Today, we’ll be exploring Essential Oils. We include them in almost all of our natural hair products, and you might use them yourself in your home. What are these essential oils? What makes them “essential”? Essential oils are concentrated plant oils, either distilled...

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Vitamin E Oil: Benefits for Natural Hair

Vitamin E is the collective name for a group of compounds with antioxidant properties. They occur naturally in some foods, such as almonds, spinach, sweet potato, and (our favorite), avocado. Vitamin E is an essential nutrient in your diet. It slows the aging process of your cells, protects against cell damage,...

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Everything You Need to Know about Transitioning to Natural Hair!

We talk a LOT about natural hair at NaturAll Club. We love natural hair in all its diversity of patterns, textures, lengths, colors, and styles. Going natural can be an incredible form of self-love and self-expression for many women who used to perm or relax their hair- and for many women who have...

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