HOW-TO: Deep Condition Your Hair (5 Tips from NaturAll Club)

Hey there! Ready for another dose of hair tips from NaturAll Club?

Deep conditioners (we sometimes call them "hair masks") are an essential part of a healthy hair regimen- whether you're natural or not, and no matter your curl type. And yet, so many people don't know how to properly deep condition their hair, or neglect the practice altogether! Here are five simple tips to a deep conditioning routine.

read the label on deep conditioner

1. READ THE LABEL and don’t be fooled by words like “all-natural” or “moisturizing” or “rapid repair.” Check the ingredients, and only use a deep conditioner with coconut oil, olive oil, or avocado: these are the only ingredients that can truly penetrate the hair shaft. (NaturAll Club’s conditioners use all three!) Other conditioners will just coat and sit on your hair.

deep condition focus on ends

2. Focus on your ends. They are usually the most dry, since natural oils take a while to work down the length of your hair strands. Applying a deep conditioner to your ends will restore oils, preventing breakage and split ends.

natural hair deep conditioner hair mask

3. After applying a deep conditioner, cover your hair with a shower cap or plastic bag and add low heat (wrap a warm, damp towel around your head.) This opens up the cuticle and allow the deep conditioner penetrate your hair. Leave in the DC for at least 20 minutes (we recommend 20-40.)

muhga eltigani deep conditioner avocados

4. Rinse out deep conditioner with cold water- this closes the hair’s cuticle and helps the strands retain moisture. You can rinse with your normal shampoo and conditioning products!

hair deep conditioning routine

5. And most importantly: Do it REGULARLY. Hair masks and deep conditioners aren’t a magic solution to hair problems, and results will come slowly. Just like healing a wound or getting fit after a long period of inactivity, hair growth and repair takes TIME and CONSISTENCY. This is why NaturAll Club offers subscription boxes of our deep conditioning kit: every month, you’ll get everything you need to treat your hair with an all-natural, fresh, nutrient-rich solution. Browse our products and subscriptions here.


  • Crystal

    @dawn everyone is different but I deep condition once a week. I live in an area that is super hot and humid most of the time. When it gets cold it tends to be a moisture sapping cold. I find deep conditioning once a week for an hour has solved my frizz issue on my 4 a hair and keeps my hair soft, shiny and tangle free. I only have to trim three times a year no due to a lot less split ends. Some people deep condition once every two weeks. Just listen to your hair and drink plenty of water.

  • dawnn

    how frequently should I DC???

  • Jamie Cooper

    @Mable, Yes, you can! The deep conditioner can act like a cowash, which would allow you to leave shampoo out of the routine.

  • Mable Jackson

    What if I just rinse with water and just do my regular with leave conditioner and a oil unstead of shampooing my hair can I do that?

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