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5 Cute Braids for Little Girls with Natural Hair

Braiding natural hair is what is easiest and best for a little girl. Braids will help protect their natural hair and stretch out the hair to create more length and get longer hair faster. It can be easy to recycle the same few styles for a little girls’ natural hair but we at NaturAll Club encourage you to change it up! If you don’t have any new styles in your back pocket ready to try out, here are our top five braided styles for little girls and their natural hair:

Some of these styles are a little harder than others but all can be achieved without going to the hair salon.

As always, you are going to want to start out with clean hair and our AvoKiwi Protective Styling 6-Step Recipe is the perfect and easiest way to get there. We already have all of the products and steps you need listed out, all you have to do is follow them. In our AvoKiwi Protective Styling 6-Step Recipe you can find the following products to your little girl’s hair smelling fresh and prepped for braiding:

Step 1: Hydrating Shampoo

Step 2: Hydrating Conditioner

Step 3: Hydrating Ice Cream™ Treatment Deep Conditioner

Step 4: Hydrating Moisturizer

Step 5: Hydrating Twisting Paste

Step 6: Hydrating Oil Blend

Be sure to detangle the hair thoroughly before starting. The Hydrating Leave-In Conditioner paired with our Detangling Brush is the perfect way to get your little girl’s hair soft and ready to detangle. With our special detangling brush, you’ll be able to brush through any hair type without ruining their natural curl pattern. It also will allow for less hair breakage.


1. Braided Locs

This faux locs style is cute and easy to replicate and they last the test of time. To replicate this style make sure you have your Hydrating Twisting Paste on hand. This twisting paste will help the hairstyle look cleaner without that crunchy feeling that most products have. To keep it super simple, part the hair into six sections. Make sure each section is fully detangled, then add in some twisting paste. Start by adding a small elastic band at the root of the head, then braid the hair using three strands. Add another elastic band to the end and repeat until all six are finished. To top of the hairstyle add in some clamps, shells, or beads. That will give your little one the extra style they need to really stand out and shine like the bright star they are.


2. Braided Updo

This one is an absolute favorite for me! I do this simple hairstyle on my cousins’ hair all the time and sometimes will even do it for myself. It doesn’t matter what natural hair type you are, the braided updo will come out looking perfect for all. If your little girl has 4C hair this hairstyle is the perfect way to protect their hair but still leave some out to show off to the world! If you need a little extra help maintaining your little one’s 4C hair, then look no further! We have a simple four step recipe for all my 4C girls everywhere. Our AvoKiwi 4C 4-Step Recipe comes with the following products made specially to style and care for 4C type hair:

Step 1: Hydrating Shampoo

Step 2: Hydrating Ice Cream™ Treatment Deep Conditioner

Step 3: Hydrating Leave-In Conditioner

Step 4: Hydrating Twisting Paste

Now that her hair is clean, detangled, and ready to style, start by parting the hair. You can opt for all braids in the front or try braids in the front and back. Add in some Flaxseed Gel Edge Control to really define those parts and either use cornrows or flat twists (flat twists are just cornrows but with two-strand twists instead of the three-strand braid) to braid the hair to the crown of the head. Use an elastic band at the end to keep the braids from unraveling. Try only braiding their hair to the crown and let the rest be straight or braid all the way to the ends.

For a more fun and different style to turn heads, I suggest braiding the hair to the ends and at the crown of their head make bantu knots for each braid. This will also allow for a super cute curled hairstyle for another day or you can use it to create heatless curls for the top of their head.

If you chose to braid all of her hair, arrange the remainder of the hair into a bun or a ponytail. You can always add in some feeds to give it a little extra length for this. If you keep the rest of the hair from the crown on straight, fluff out your little girl’s hair into a cute afro at the top. You can also add in some curls using heat or use some Curl Defining Flaxseed Gel to bring out her natural curl pattern. You can always arrange buns and ponytails as well.

With this style, your little one can sleep on it with a scarf and satin bonnet and you won’t have to worry about doing their hair every morning for a while. All you have to do is lay down any edges and make sure the hair at the crown of their head is to their liking.


3. Cornrows

I know cornrows seem kind of dull and ordinary but I swear you can make them into anything possible. For creating cornrows as a hairstyle to last yet be fun for your little girl, make a part down the middle or make multiple parts. Add in gel to keep each part defined and clean. Cornrow their hair all the way to the ends but be sure to add in fun decorations! Try using yarn, clamps, and beads to really make those cornrows turn heads.

Simple cornrows were always a favorite growing up for me and they were super easy for my mom to do. Make doing your little girl’s hair into an event. Go out shopping for some hair accessories (teach them the importance of a budget) and decorate and style their hair while keeping things simple for yourself as well.


4. Fauxhawk 

While your little girl is growing up, she may be more into edgy styles. If your little one has ever wanted a mohawk but you’re against it at this point, here’s a happy medium. This is actually a super cute and easy hairstyle to replicate and will really allow your little girl to stand out from the crowd. This hairstyle is great for short and curly hair types and it allows you to show off your little one’s natural curl pattern. With this hairstyle, it is best if you start off with clean hair. That means you need to go through the whole process of wash day with your little girl (or at the very least shampoo and condition) and detangle thoroughly. If you find their natural hair is hard to detangle, add in more moisturizer and leave-in conditioner to help. You can also create smaller sections to work on in order to make detangling more efficient. 

After her hair is clean and detangled again, part their hair on either side. Add in some Flaxseed Gel Edge Control to really define those parts and make as many flat twists or cornrows as you want. Be sure to tie off the end of your flat twists as they reach the middle point of your head and leave the rest as it is. After you finish adding in all the flat twist you like, pull the remaining hair in the middle into buns or ponytails so they look like a mohawk. You can make as many as you want until you and her get the desired mohawk look. Pin down any stray-aways and lay down all edges. To finish it off, add in some Curl Defining Flaxseed Gel to give her curl pattern a little extra definition and top it off with some holding spray. You can add in some accessories to really show off your little girl’s edgy style and have fun with her new look!


5. Ponytail Braids 

This one is my dad’s favorite hairstyle for me as a kid. I’m pretty sure it’s because it was the easiest for him to do but it’s still his favorite. This is (obviously) extremely easy, that even dads can do it, and look nice and clean for going out anywhere.

You can make as many ponytails as you like, two to six always is a great way to keep it simple. Detangle and part the hair to your desired style. For me, it was always a part down the middle and two braids. If my mom did my hair, we got fancy with a zig-zag part and four braids. Gather and tie each part at the top of her head and braid or twist your way down to the ends. Add in your little girl’s favorite barrette to end each braid and use Flaxseed Gel Edge Control to keep the hair nice and tidy. See, so easy that dad can do it!

You can try all of these hairstyles with stitch braids or different sized cornrows too, if you want your child to stand out more with more intricate designs and variations. You can always add in decorative bobby-pins for a special occasion or a hair clip on your bun to stylize it to your little one’s personality and liking. 

With all of these braided hairstyles and their variations, always remember to use edge control for the sleekest look possible that will turn everyone’s heads. The Flaxseed Styling Bundle is the perfect gift for your little girl’s hair when doing any braided hairstyles. With the Flaxseed Styling Bundle, you can choose any one of our edge controls along with either our Flaxseed Gel or Curling Custard. No matter the combination you opt for, our products will never leave your hair feeling sticky, hard, or crunchy.  

If you decide to keep their hair braided for two or more weeks, be sure to deep condition when it is time to take it out. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to deep condition your hair twice a month to keep it nice, healthy, and promote growth. Using our Strengthening Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Moringa-Monoi & Carrot Bundle once you take out their braids will make removing tangles so much easier by helping to repair and soften their hair so it can continue to grow strong. It is pretty common to get dry, brittle hair or a big buildup of product when doing braided hairstyles, so be ready to use one of the deep conditioners from the Ice Cream Treatment Deep Conditioner Bundle when taking out your hair. This amazing bundle comes with the following five frozen treats for your and your little girl’s hair:

Curl-Defining Ice Cream™ Treatment Deep Conditioner

Repairing Ice Cream™ Treatment Deep Conditioner

Strengthening Ice Cream™ Treatment Deep Conditioner

Hydrating Ice Cream™ Treatment Deep Conditioner

Original Dry Solution Ice Cream™ Treatment Deep Conditioner

No matter the hairstyle, be sure to get creative with it! Beads, accessories (especially in gold), threads, and headbands are always welcomed and even encouraged! They are all great ways to stand out from the crowd with these (or any) hairstyle. You can make any of these hairstyles fit for any aspect of their life.

All of us at NaturAll Club can’t wait to see the styles and variations you try with your little girl and with the help from our fresh and all-natural products! Leave a comment or picture below to show us your little one’s fiercest braided hairstyles and help come up with other ones as well.

At NaturAll, we create and elevate clean haircare and beauty standards, providing freshly-made products that are better for you and your hair. Sourced from small farmers in Jamaica and Ghana. We source ingredients directly from small farmers in Jamaica and Ghana, so we always know how our ingredients are sourced and exactly who is being supported by our business. We are proud to support Black farmers and small businesses around the world. We believe that what goes on your body is as important as what goes in it. Too many hair products are made with synthetic ingredients that are irritating, damaging, or even hazardous, and the problem is worse in hair products marketed to Black women.

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