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How to Build an Effective Natural Hair Regimen

What is a hair regimen? Simply put, a regimen is a routine (set by you!) to keep your hair healthy. A regimen provides structure, repetition, and consistency to the lifelong process of taking care of your hair. Think of your hair regimen as a meal plan for your hair. You plan it out in advance to make sure it includes everything you need, you follow through, and then you repeat. Whether your hair regimen repeats on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis, establishing a regimen that works will be your key to natural hair that always looks and feels its best. However, not every routine is a good routine. In fact, if you establish an uninformed regimen, there is a...

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The Secret to Longer Hair

If you clicked on this article, you're probably already skeptical. We’ve all seen articles, hair brands, medications, advertisements, and products claiming to have the secret to hair growth... and they're usually a scam. So many people are looking for the secret to longer hair. Ads cater to that desire by claiming to to have an easy solution. You probably already know that the truth isn't easy. If it were, we'd all have the hair length of our dreams. Hair growth is a slow process that requires commitment and consistency, and there's no instant or easy way to achieve it. But don't be disappointed yet! There IS a secret to hair growth... but it's not easy. The truth is: HEALTHY HAIR GROWTH IS A REFLECTION OF A HEALTHY...

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The Science of Natural Hair Growth

Have you ever wondered how hair growth works? We think the process is very interesting, and we formulate products at NaturAll Club to promote healthy hair growth, so we wanted to share some of our knowledge with you! How does hair grow? It's a somewhat common misconception that hair grows from the ends. This myth has come about from the widespread understanding that trimming your ends helps grow longer hair. Trimming your ends DOES help with longer hair, but it doesn't affect growth. Your hair naturally develops split ends and single strand knots, which lead to breakage and keep your hair from getting longer. However, hair itself only grows from the roots! Hair actually grows out of small pockets in the scalp. The hair...

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"My hair is STILL dry!" How to Keep Natural Hair Moisturized, Part 2.

You may already be familiar with the more common tips... and you're here because your hair is STILL DRY. Why isn’t it working? Even if you follow all these tips, there might be a simple mistake in your regimen that's drying out your hair. That's why we put together a list of more advanced tips on how to keep your hair moisturized.

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The Ultimate Curl Pattern Guide

Hair type, curl pattern, and hair texture all describe the shape of your hair your hair naturally grows in. This shape or pattern of your curls is determined by the shape of your hair follicle. The more oval its shape, the curlier your hair will be! Heat, chemicals, damage, and even the weather can alter how your curl pattern presents itself, and other factors like pregnancy, certain medications, and health/diet changes can have a more permanent effect on your curl pattern.

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