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How to Trim Your Own Natural Hair

Experiencing tangles, breakage, and hair that doesn’t look its best? It might be time for a trim. Trimming is essential to healthy natural hair. Here’s why: If you don’t trim split ends, they can continue to split all the way up the hair shaft. When this happens you lose the entire strand, not just the end. Split ends and single strand knots catch and snag more easily on each other, which increases tangling.

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How to Determine Natural Hair Density

Hair density is a measurement of how much hair you have on your head, or how densely packed your hair follicles are on your scalp. Density impacts the volume and shape of your hair as a whole, so it affects what products you should use and how best to style your hair. While you may have the same curl pattern and even the same porosity as a friend, if your hair is more dense than hers, you’ll need to use different products to achieve the same look.

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How to Revive Natural Hair with Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay is a natural ingredient that is sourced directly from the earth. It has a negative charge (anionic.) It attracts positive charged (cationic) products that build up on the hair and scalp, working as a clarifier and detoxifier. Think about bentonite clay like a magnet for product buildup. When you wash the clay out of your hair, you remove all impurities and buildup with it. Its anionic property also makes bentonite clay effective at drawing out toxins, heavy metals, chemicals, and impurities. Find out what else bentonite clay can do, and how to use it on your hair!

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10 tips to maintain natural hair this summer

Summer makes us think of beach days, dresses, cookouts, and carefree fun! Summer is also the time to have fun with your natural hair and to let it shine! We’re finally free from the cold, snow, and wind of winter that necessitate tucking our hair away. (Looking for tips on winter hair care? Find them here.) But we also spend more time outdoors in the summer, which presents its own challenges to keeping natural hair healthy. So before you head to the beach or pool, review NaturAll Club’s 10 tips for maintaining healthy, beautiful natural hair this summer!

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7 Tips to Maintain, Grow, and Care for 4C hair

4C hair has the tightest curls of all hair patterns, with hairs forming tight s shapes. 4C hair shares many of the other characteristics of type 4 hair, and of course, individuals with 4C hair can have different hair densities and porosities, which changes how your hair behaves. However, these are some of the defining qualities of 4c hair...

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