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HELP! Which NaturAll Club Products Should I Use? - Part 2

Happy New Year! We want to make sure you achieve all of your 2020 hair goals, so let's start the year off right with the ultimate guide to all NaturAll products.  In Part 1 we started you off with our washday products and avocado styler, but now it’s time for the rest! Get ready for the ultimate styling product breakdown. (For an even more personalized product recommendation, take our Hair Quiz!) 

NaturAll Club Hair Quiz

Flaxseed Styling Bundle

One of our most customizable bundles in our arsenal is the Flaxseed Styling Bundle. It is perfect for curl definition and elongation without damaging your hair! In this bundle, you can choose to pair any of our Flaxseed Gels or Curl Custard with any of our three Edge Controls. Below is a quick and easy way to figure out what combination is the best option for you!

naturall club flaxseed styling bundle

Edge Controls

If you are looking for an edge control that will smooth your edges, tame frizz, and manage flyaways, we have two options for you!  Our All Day option is perfect for someone looking for a flexible hold. For those that prefer an extra firm hold, try our Extreme Hold Edge Control

If you find that you are experiencing thinning or graying around your edges, the best option for you would be our Edge Control Black. Our no-transfer formula helps to cover grey roots and minimize the look of thinning edges. It will smooth your edges, tame frizz, and manage flyaways while also nourishing your edges with natural ingredients that encourage growth. 

 naturall club flaxseed styling products

Gels and Curl Custard 

When it comes to achieving the best looks and styles, our Flaxseed stylers are perfect for you (as long as you are not protein sensitive, in which case we would recommend our Avocado Styling Bundle). With our Flaxseed Styling Bundle, you can achieve your best wash n' go's, braid-outs, twist-outs, or even 3 strand twists with ease! 

Our Styling Flaxseed Gel Curl Custard works best on wash and go’s! Because this product is water based, it is made to beautifully showcase your unique curl pattern without any crunch or harmful ingredients.

Our Curl Defining Flaxseed Gel, on the other hand, works better when it comes to twisting and braiding. Not only does this gel help moisturize whatever style you choose to use it with, but it also leaves bouncy and long lasting results.

Each product can be bought in a bundle, or individually here.


Now that your hair is washed and styled, the last product you might want to use to help seal in moisture is an oil. 

naturall club jamaican black castor oil growth serum

Our Jamaican Black Castor Oil Growth Serum complements our Avocado Deep Conditioners, and can be used daily or every-other-day. Its mix of four powerful natural oils combined to promote growth and moisture retention! Most customers notice results after a few weeks or months of consistent use. 

If you are looking for a lighter option to seal in moisture and unravel your twists without adding frizz, check out our Pure Avocado Oil!

NaturAll Club Styling Products
You are now completely versed in all our NaturAll Club products and when to use them! Remember, when in doubt, simply reach out to our customer service team at  or take our Hair Quiz for a customized solution!

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