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HELP! I Can’t Make It To The Salon This Week!

The impact of the new coronavirus disease, COVID-19 is being felt all over the world. With the current situation changing rapidly, everyone must do what they can to help slow the spread of this virus. Unfortunately, this means staying at home and for a lot of us naturals, this can cause a lot of worry about how to maintain your hair with no access to salons or your favorite stylist! NaturAll Club wants to do our part at this time to provide you with a detailed walkthrough on how to easily wash and style with our Full Avocado Collection:

1. Prep your hair for cleansing. 

Take this time to get rid of some of the shed hair and tangles before shampooing by applying a prepoo. Our aloe + avocado sensitive scalp solution doubles as an amazing prepoo treatment, allowing you to easily rid yourself of tangles and knots before shampooing. This may also be a good time for a hot oil treatment; our JBCO Growth Serum works wonders when warmed up and massaged into the scalp t! Not only will it help hydrate your scalp, but as you’re wetting/rinsing your hair, it’ll make its way down the hair strand and act as a coating, locking in the hydration from the water.

2. Now it’s time to cleanse! 

at home natural hair regimen

Every natural has their preferred method for cleansing, however it’s best to apply your cleanser directly to the scalp; that’s what you’re trying to clean after all! Apply our Cleansing Avocado Shampoo to your scalp; you want enough to get a lather. Taking your time, gently massage the shampoo into your scalp. This will stimulate your scalp, getting your blood flowing which can help to promote growth and overall health to your scalp.

3. Rinse! 

You can now move on to rinsing out the shampoo. Make sure to target your scalp since that’s where the shampoo is. Working the water through your scalp from root to tip will help to move the water and shampoo suds down the strands of your hair (that’s how your ends get clean! No need to apply shampoo directly to them.) 

4. Condition

With shampooing, your scalp was the center of attention since you were focused on cleansing. Now that your hair is cleansed, you want your attention to be on your ends with your focus being on moisture. Apply the Hydrating Avocado Conditioner to your wet hair from tip to root, making sure to pay extra attention to your ends and detangle as you go. Sectioning your hair may make this step a little easier! Let the conditioner set for 5-10 minutes and then rinse. 

5. Deep Condition & Chill

These next steps will be a lot easier to do with sectioned hair. You want to apply our Fresh Avocado Deep Conditioner section by section from tip to root. The point of the deep conditioner is to nourish and strengthen your curls, so make sure you’re getting your ends. Making sure to get your roots as well, try avoiding your scalp if you have fine, low density hair or are prone to product buildup. Let the deep conditioner sit for 20-45 minutes. For best results, use a heat cap or hooded dryer to help the deep conditioner penetrate your curls.If you don’t have access to a hot cap or hooded dryer, using the steam from your shower as the heat agent will work just as well!

6. Lock in Moisture

After you’ve rinsed the deep conditioner out, it’s time to move on to styling. Apply our Nourishing Avocado Leave-In Conditioner to each section of your damp hair, again from tip to root. The leave-in also doubles as a daily moisturizer and will act as a base for any styler you use on top of it, providing moisture to your strands. It’s protein content also means it’ll also work to strengthen your hair.

7. Style

Whether you’re feeling like a twist out, bantu knots, or a wash and go, the next step will be the same. Sparing, apply the Avocado Curl Custard to each section of your hair. For the best results, make sure your hair is still a little damp (after applying the leave-in) before applying the custard. From there, you can twist, knot, or rake your hair to achieve your desired style. The slippage from the custard will make this super easy!

at home salon

8. Finishing touch

Use the Pure Avocado Oil to take your hair down or seal in the moisture from your wash and go. This will also prevent strands from frizzing during the takedown process. 

Even though caring for your hair at home seems simple, there are some things that can easily be forgotten. Here are some tips on how to not damage your hair while trying to care for it:

  • Reduce manipulation! Doing your hair yourself at home doesn’t mean you should be “doing it” every day. This, for most naturals, is too much wear and tear for their curls to take before they start to endure physical damage and breakage. If you do manipulate your hair a lot, you want to make sure you’re providing your hair with plenty of protein making sure you’re deep conditioning regularly. 
  • Don’t be afraid to trim those split ends! If you notice your ends are looking dry, brittle, or damaged, get some hair shears and give them a trim. It doesn’t have to be inches off of your hair. Remember that split ends and damage don’t go away, they must be cut away to stop the damage from traveling further up your hair shaft. 
  • When deep conditioning, you want a balance or moisture and protein. Too much of one and a lack of the other can result in over moisturizing your hair or shocking it with too much protein.
  • Eating nourishes your body which nourishes your hair. Eating healthily will not only benefit your health, but the health of your hair as well. 

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