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How to Protect and Care for Your Natural Hair While Traveling

We can’t always be as “fly” as our hair...or can we?

As more and more people are getting their COVID-19 vaccinations, travel restrictions are being lifted! Many of us are traveling again for the first time since the summer of 2019. If you've gotten used to taking care of your hair at home during quarantine, this might cause some stress for how to care for your curly natural hair while traveling!

While traveling, natural curly hair can get really dry and rough because of the air pressure at high altitudes. And after landing, your traveling lifestyle can cause wear and tear on your hair. Keep reading to ensure that you have healthy and protected hair while in the air!

protecting natural hair while on vacation

1. Breeze through TSA with travel-sized products.

The first tip to traveling smart is checking the liquid guidelines for the airline you’re using. You wouldn’t want the TSA Agent to pour out your favorite shampoo right in front of you! Trust me, it hurts. Invest in some travel-sized containers to help make travel a little less stressful.

Worried about haircare on a longer trip? Yeah, 3.5 ounces looks like about 1-2 uses. If you're going to be traveling for more than a few days, you might want to check a bag, which will allow you to pack full-sized products. Another option is to stop by the store once you land and pick up hair products at your destination.

2. Forecast the fro.

This one goes unsaid, but we’ll still say it. Check the weather at your destination to plan what hairstyles are most suitable for your stay. Keep in mind humidity, rain, dryness, and other harsh conditions that will threaten your good hair day on vacay!

Caring and Protecting Natural Hair While Traveling

3. Stick to the stuff you know.

I know it can be a struggle for hair junkies, but we recommend you only stick to your product basics for travel. You wouldn’t want to spend your entire vacay worried about which moisturizer to choose today. If you have a busy itinerary for your trip, you won't spend as much time as normal styling your hair! And in a hotel, air bnb, or homestay, you'll have limited access to your normal styling tools anyway. Cut it down to your must-haves, and enjoy the vibes. 

4. “Protect and serve” your curls.

Whether traveling in economy or living in luxury in first-class, airplanes are not the ideal places for your natural hair. Airplanes are cramped, climate-controlled environments where the air can be very dry cold, and pressurized. Get some z’s in peace by putting your hair in a protective style (lucky for you we have a blog all about protective styles!) and bring along a silk scarf.

If you want to wear your hair out at your destination, try a low-maintenance style like twists or a bun that you can easily style when you touch down! But for now, avoid breakage and damage so you can get your beauty rest, queen.

5. Restore the moisture.

A little deep conditioner ain’t never hurt nobody. Make sure to bring along at least one deep conditioner to give your hair the moisture it's lost in transit. Check out NaturAll's Fresh Frozé Treatment Deep Conditioners, which can be packed in a checked bag and placed in the refrigerator when you arrive at your destination.. You can apply it to your hair and leave it in for about 20-40 minutes, while you get some sun. Your hair will thank you later.  

If you know you won't have time to deep condition on your trip, plan ahead for the day you get back. Unpacking is a great activity while you deep condition!

Protecting Natural Hair While Traveling

Now you’re an expert on vacay hair. By following these steps you can keep your hair healthy and flourishing while 33,000 feet in the air or swimming 30 feet into the ocean. Don’t let frizz or dryness stop you from living your best life on vacation. If you found this helpful, be sure to share with your friends who love traveling a little more than their hair! 

Muhga Eltigani

Muhga Eltigani

After years of using products that left her hair dry, damaged, and dull, Muhga Eltigani decided to chop off her hair and start over. For 6 months, she committed to using only natural ingredients on her hair- foods from her fridge and the grocery store with names she recognized, like avocados, olive oil, coconut, baking soda, and even eggs. She found support through an online community of women like her, sharing recipes and ingredients on Youtube.

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