NaturAll Club Mission

Our mission at NaturAll Club is to create products with integrity, while fostering and uplifting our community. We seek to accomplish this mission by using natural, safe, and nontoxic ingredients to make products that nourish hair and the body rather than causing damage. We also nurture a community of kinky/curly haired women across the world by offering helpful and informative posts on natural haircare, hosting community meet-ups for encouragement and growth, and fostering online communities where our members can learn from and support each other.

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Meet our Founder

Muhga Eltigani NaturAll Club's Founder and CEO

Hey there! My name is Muhga Eltigani and I am the Founder and CEO of NaturAll Club. I started making hair products in a college dorm room. Frustrated with commercial hair products that left my hair dry and brittle, and supported by a small youtube following, I committed to a three-month journey of using only fresh and natural ingredients in my hair. Those three months turned into three years, 32 inches of growth, and a youtube following of 40,000. In 2016, I launched NaturAll Club to share my products with my community.

So many hair products on the market contain damaging, toxic, and even dangerous ingredients. Our hair products and the people who make them should be for us, not against us. That's why our mission at NaturAll Club is to create products with integrity, while fostering and uplifting our community. We are committed not just to using natural, safe, and nontoxic ingredients, but also to emphasizing messages of self-love and encouraging women to support and learn from each other.

I love hearing from customers and community members more than anything else. Want to chat one-on-one? You can reach me at

NaturAll Club Timeline

October 2012: Muhga (junior year in college) cuts her hair and embarks on a 6-month all natural product challenge because she was tired of all of the in-store options that were making her hair dry and brittle!

December 2012: Muhga makes her first avocado deep conditioner and shares with her youtube channel. "I feel like there's a coat of happiness over each strand...this is definitely going into my regular hair routine."

April 2013: Muhga completes 6-month hair journey with 4 inches of growth. She decides to continue using her own natural, handmade deep conditioners.

February 2015: Muhga launches NaturAll Club on her social media channels and begins selling Avocado Deep Conditioners.

Fall 2015: Muhga begins working full-time to bring fresh fruits into hair products.

August 2016: NaturAll Club launches its current website. Sam is added as COO of NaturAll Club.

August 2017: NaturAll Club hires Directors of Marketing and Partnerships/Customer Service, expanding the team to four members.

Meet the Rest of the Team!

NaturAll Club's COO

This is Sam, NaturAll Club's COO. He grew up in Boston and attended Case Western University. He enjoys making avocado hair masks and spending time with his new kittens. Reach him at

NaturAll Club's director of marketing

Philomina is NaturAll Club's Director of Marketing. She grew up in Ghana and The Bronx, NY, and attended Princeton University. She loves dancing, jollof, and bread. Contact her at

NaturAll Club Jamie

Jamie is NaturAll Club's Director of Customer Experience. She is from Providence, RI and attended Yale University. You can find her listening to gospel music, eating ice cream, and baking bread. Reach her at

tim naturall club

Tim is NaturAll Club's Production Manager. He was born in Maine but most recently has lived in Los Angeles, where he earned his PhD in American Literature, Brooklyn, where he wrote a novel, and now Cleveland.  He enjoys walking his dog, Hank, in the woods, swimming in large bodies of water, doing yoga, drawing and painting with watercolors, and writing poetry.

afaq naturall club

Afaq is NaturAll Club’s Customer Experience Associate. She is also an artist who is very bad at sleeping, and very good at eating sweets. You can find her at