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Top 10 DIY Projects with Shea Butter!

Shea butter is found in many beauty products - and for good reason! Shea butter is incredibly rich in vitamins E, A, and F. These vitamins directly help with skin conditions, such as blemishes, eczema, and dermatitis, skin allergies, insect bites, and sunburns. They give Shea butter its anti-inflammatory properties, and can even help heal wounds!

But Shea butter doesn’t just have healing properties--it has preventative ones as well. It offers UV protection, making it a good treatment for sunburns as well as a natural sunscreen! If used long term, Shea butter makes your skin smoother, softer, and stronger, even preventing wrinkles and future blemishes.

Shea butter is also comprised of natural oils that replenish and seal hydration into the skin. It’s one of the best natural moisturizers out there and lends a natural glow to your skin.

Not to mention, Shea trees are one of the world’s most sustainable natural resources, because they are not grown in plantations and don’t require fertilizer, irrigation, or pesticides. It takes the tree 25 years to start producing Shea nuts, which makes them less economically viable for larger large landowners or companies to invest in. Therefore, Shea trees are generally controlled by local people and not over-harvested.

We looked around the internet and found a lot of DIY Shea butter recipes! Most of these are links to recipes for homemade products. Give them a try, and let us know how it goes in the comments section.


Shea Butter DIY Natural Lotion Moisturizer

1. Shea butter natural lotion or moisturizer


Shea Butter DIY deodorant2. Shea butter base for homemade deodorant


shea butter DIY lip balm

3. Shea butter homemade lip balm


    Shea Butter DIY Under Eye Wrinkle Remover
    4. Shea butter under-eye wrinkle remover


      Shea Butter DIY makeup foundation base5. Shea butter base for homemade makeup or foundation


        Shea Butter DIY sunscreen

        6. Shea butter sunscreen


          Shea Butter DIY cuticle cream

          7. Shea butter natural cuticle cream


          Shea Butter DIY sunburn cream

          8. Shea butter cream for itches or sunburns


            Shea Butter DIY shaving cream

            9. Shea butter shaving cream



              NaturAll Club deep conditioner with shea butter and avocado

              10. Shea butter deep conditioners! Shea butter is a key ingredient in NaturAll Club's Avocado Deep Conditioner, as well as our Shea Butter Leave-in Serum. Be sure to try out our safe, toxin-free, shea butter rich hair products.


              Muhga Eltigani

              Muhga Eltigani

              After years of using products that left her hair dry, damaged, and dull, Muhga Eltigani decided to chop off her hair and start over. For 6 months, she committed to using only natural ingredients on her hair- foods from her fridge and the grocery store with names she recognized, like avocados, olive oil, coconut, baking soda, and even eggs. She found support through an online community of women like her, sharing recipes and ingredients on Youtube.

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