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NaturAll Club Presents: Hair Horror Stories

Think back to a time your hair was the sight of pure horror...scary, we know! Luckily, every natural can recall quite a few times their curls left them a little spooked. Below you'll hair horror stories from NaturAllistas just like you, so grab a snack, proceed with caution, and enjoy!

The Not-So-Relaxing Relaxer, from Si Si

This happened to my mom (twice) who has very curly hair. Before there were so many products for curly and natural hair it was really hard for her to find products that worked and that were also affordable. My mom was always straightening her hair to make it more manageable. However, she wanted a more permanent solution and turned to boxed children's hair relaxer. Much to her horror, it interacted poorly with her hair dye and melted her hair off. It was so bad; the strands were literally stretching right off of her head. She slept with her head covered in a bag of mayonnaise for a week. Despite her efforts, she still ended up having to cut most of it off. Fast-forward to the future, she has now embraced her natural texture and has managed to grow her hair back out past her shoulders!

Scissor Happy, from Alesia

When my long time stylist for many years chose to retire, I was forced to try someone new. I decided to go this salon for a wash and style and the style I was looking to get was Bantu knots. After she finished my hair, it became clear I had made a mistake. The first thing I noticed was that I didn’t like having a whole head of the knots. However, that wasn't really her fault; she was just doing what I asked.

At any rate, the second thing I noticed was that my hair was shorter in the back than it was before after taking my hair down. Not thinking much of it, I attributed it to shrinkage and just thought the style shortens. I waited until wash day and checked it again...still much shorter in the back!

All I could think of was that my hair must have been cut. I now had a slight bob. I was furious and sad all at the same time. It goes without saying that I never went back! I still miss my stylist and 6 years later, I have yet to find anyone who treats my hair better…that is except for me!

Horror Story Turned Fairytale, from Nikki

Once upon a time I had really tight, extremely dry, tangled hair. It would take literally all day to do my hair. Shampoo's would matte my 4C hair strands and hand fulls of hair would come out while detangling. The pain and agony of detangling matted-shampooed and supposedly-conditioned hair would cause my fingers to cramp up. After detangling, my hair would just shrink back up and need to be detangled again. By this point, I'd brought hundreds of products trying to find the right ones for my hair.

To no avail, none of these products worked. I ended up spending thousands of dollars on hair products and would go 3 weeks (or even a month) without washing my hair because I couldn't stand the process. Naturally, the creamy crack, aka a perm, kept calling my name. Till this day, I'm proud to say that I didn't give up on my natural journey.

Finally there was a light at the end of the path on Facebook which said: NaturAll Club Deep Conditioners. That was the first life saving product I bought from the company. The slip and the way it melted my tangles was a miracle in a pouch.

Luckily, my once horrific story turned into a sweet fairytale. And just like that, the beginning of a new love story featuring my hair and NaturAll started. I don't know what I would have done without NaturAll's products. Probably all of my hair off completely!


We hope you enjoyed hearing from Si Si, Alesia, and Nikki. Tell us about your own hair horror stories below!

Mikayla Jones

Mikayla Jones

As an intern NaturAll as a Customer Experience Rep, I began writing blogs in addition to my work in Customer Service. I luckily am still a part of NaturAll's team and enjoy sharing the information I find with you all!

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