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Ingredient Spotlight: Four Major Benefits of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera: The Plant That Took The Beauty Industry By Storm

It’s green and pointy, so at first glance it may seem a little off putting. It’s slimy on the inside so using it might be a bit weird. What is this mysterious plant that seems to have taken the beauty industry by storm? Aloe vera! We hear all about the wonders it does to the body, but what does it do for your hair? Keep reading to learn the four major benefits of Aloe Vera! 

Natural Hair Ingredient Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Helps Hair Grow

Who doesn’t like a couple more inches? The enzymes found in aloe vera are able to exfoliate, or remove, the dead scalp cells that might be blocking the new hair follicles from growing. The result is hair that grows faster!

Aloe vera works great in conjunction with natural oils like Jamaican Black Castor Oil that keep the scalp moisturized and prevent inflammation. All of these benefits allow the hair to be able to grow freely and flourish! Try this oil mix with Jamaican Black Castor Oil and pair with aloe vera for hair growth.

Aloe Vera Can Help Reduce Dandruff

Aside from growth, Aloe Vera does a great job of reducing dandruff. Aloe Vera contains antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that can kill malassezia, a fungus that lives on the scalp causing dandruff. What can’t this super plant do? 

Aloe Vera Can Help Relieve Itchy Scalp

Aloe Vera is an effective reliever for dandruff, itching, dryness and redness. Because of its antipruritic elements, Aloe Vera is able to help relieve your scalp from feeling dry and itchy. It can help calm inflammation and has healing properties that speed up this process. It all ties into Aloe Vera being able to help break down dead scalp cells while having a cooling effect on the scalp that helps alleviate itching.

aloe vera hair growth

Aloe Vera Conditions Your Hair and Scalp

Along with itching Aloe Vera is a great conditioner for the hair and scalp. The Aloe Vera plant contains Aloe barbadensis leaf, a gel-like substance, which has many similarities to the naturally occurring protein in hair, keratin. This allows it to penetrate the hair easily. Human skin is able to absorb Aloe Vera 7 layers deep! This takes conditioning the hair to a whole new level - keeping your hair healthy and strong.

As you can see, Aloe Vera is definitely a super plant! There doesn’t seem to be a problem it can’t fix. Whether it’s growth, discomfort, or conditioning Aloe Vera has got you covered. This natural relevant works wonders on your hair, and is a must have that you need to add to you hair routine as soon as possible!

Muhga Eltigani

Muhga Eltigani

At NaturAll, we create and elevate clean haircare and beauty standards, providing freshly-made products that are better for you and your hair. Sourced from small farmers in Jamaica and Ghana. We source ingredients directly from small farmers in Jamaica and Ghana, so we always know how our ingredients are sourced and exactly who is being supported by our business. We are proud to support Black farmers and small businesses around the world. We believe that what goes on your body is as important as what goes in it. Too many hair products are made with synthetic ingredients that are irritating, damaging, or even hazardous, and the problem is worse in hair products marketed to Black women.

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