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Introducing: The Hydrating AvoKiwi Collection!

Many naturals have tried avocado in their hair, but how about kiwi? Did you know these ingredients combine to provide powerful moisture and nourishment for your hair? That's why NaturAll has combined them in our newest product line. Read on to find out how these products benefit your hair!

NaturAll's new Hydrating AvoKiwi Collection infuses the delicious and hydrating properties of kiwi into our amazing avocado rich formulas to create a new and refreshing line of products just for you! Complete with the essential styling tools you need, the Hydrating AvoKiwi Collection will be sure to deliver incredible results for your hair!

Ingredients in the AvoKiwi Haircare Line

kiwi extract organic hair care

Kiwi Nourishes Your Hair

As many know, kiwi fruits are nutrition packed and offer great nourishment for your body and your hair. They’re rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C, Zinc, and much more which make them amazing for your hair. Our kiwi extract is naturally derived without additives or colorants, making it a powerful cocktail of nourishment for your tresses. 

Zinc Helps with Hair Growth

Zinc is a mineral that plays an extremely prominent role within the hair growth cycle. As your hair follicles grow out of the scalp, zinc helps to keep the oil glands around the follicles working properly. When the oil glands of your scalp aren’t properly nourished, it can cause dramatic hair loss.

After using zinc infused hair care products like those in our Hydrating AvoKiwi Collection, the hair follicle is fortified and the added zinc can help speed up the growth rate of your hair, and even prevent excess breakage! When zinc is applied to the hair and scalp, it can also assist in the hair repair process, helping to regrow strong and healthy hair strands and adding structure and nourishment to previously damaged follicles so they can make a faster recovery!

Vitamin E Prevents Dry Hair

The fatty acids found within kiwis help your hair to better retain moisture. Preventing your hair from drying out and keeping your curls as shiny as they can be! Vitamin E present in kiwis can help build your hair’s cuticle to be thicker, providing added strength to your crown, and further helping to prevent breakage.

With all of these hair benefits, it’s no wonder we made an entire collection dedicated to the power of the kiwi!

meadowfoam flower seeds extract organic haircare

Meadowfoam Oil Hydrates the Skin and Hair

Meadowfoam oil is a powerful emollient derived from the seeds of the white, meadowfoam plant that native to Oregon, California, and Western Canada. It is a flowering plant that is also recognizable by the botanical name Limnanthes alba.

The mineral rich properties of meadowfoam seed oil makes the ingredients great for hydrating both the skin and hair. It works by creating a barrier along the surface of which it is applied that helps to prevent moisture from escaping said barrier. When applied to the hair stand, the oil will work to coat your cuticles creating a smoother surface. This smoothness is visibly noticeable to the human eye, with amazing results that fight frizz and help the hair appear shinier and more full.

The slip provided by meadowfoam oil also helps to make your hair easier to detangle, as smoother cuticles tend to prevent excessive tangles and lessen friction between your hair and the tool you use to detangle! 

Aside from alleviating the stress of detangling, frizz, and dull hair, meadowfoam oil can also work in conditioning your hair, particularly if it is color treated. Some oil products can cause hair bleed, cutting the life of your new color short. Meadowfoam oil however, is resistant to oxidation which means when it coats your hair, it is less likely to strip your hair’s color away, thus helping to extend the life of your dye!

Locked in moisture, extra shine, and safe for colored hair? Meadowfoam is exactly what your hair routine has been needing!

Avocado Oil Moisturizes Natural Hair

Tried, tested, and definitely chef-approved, avocado oil remains a staple ingredient we absolutely adore! Avocado oil is pressed cold from the flesh of the avocado, which is rich in fat and can contain up to 30% oil! Avocado oil is primarily processed for use within cosmetics, because it can be absorbed into the skin easily. They are extremely rich in nutrients and vitamins like Vitamin A, D, and E, in addition to potassium and lecithin. 

The nourishment provided by avocado oil can aid in retaining the moisture in your hair, adding strength to your follicles, and even improving your scalp’s health. The powerful nature of avocado oil makes it great for helping to improve the appearance of skin conditions in the scalp like Dandruff and psoriasis, and can even aid in stimulating blood circulation to the scalp to increase the growth rate of your curls! Because of these incredible results, avocado oil remains one of our favorite ingredients here at NaturAll. Learn even more about avocado oil benefits for natural hair!

Explore The AvoKiwi Line

naturall organic hair care avocado kiwi hydrating

Cleanse Hair with Hydrating Shampoo with Avocado + Kiwi

This freshly made, sulfate-free formula delivers hydration when thirsty hair needs it most. Nourishing avocado oil, shea butter and kiwi extract helps restore moisture to hair. The Hydrating AvoKiwi Shampoo with real kiwi extract gently cleanses hair and scalp and also removes product build up. Your tresses will be left feeling healthy and bouncy making this shampoo the perfect first step in your hair care routine!

Detangle Hair with Hydrating Conditioner with Avocado & Kiwi

The Hydrating Conditioner is infused with fast-absorbing avocado oil and kiwi extracts to deliver ultimate hydration. It’s freshly-made with nutrient-rich ingredients to deliver effortless detangling and improved manageability. This exotic blend helps add strength, elasticity, hydration, and balance for healthy hair. Use after our Hydrating Shampoo, or on its own to help moisturize and lightly cleanse your hair without the suds!

Nourish Hair with Hydrating Fresh Frozé Treatment Deep Conditioner with Avocado & Kiwi

The new Hydrating Deep Conditioner is freshly made with raw avocado, and a blend of new ingredients! Ultra rich in protein and fatty acids, this luxurious formula coats your strands with a nourishing and creamy consistency. Lock in moisture with the power of tropical kiwi, packed with essential vitamins C and E.

These vitamins combine with the power of protein-rich avocado to encourage healthy hair growth. Give yourself a scalp massage using this treatment to help stimulate blood circulation and promote a healthy scalp by encouraging hair growth. The concentration of nutrients can also help to restore dehydrated hair and infuse your curls with transformative moisture!

natural hair care organic avocado kiwi

Hydrate and Detangle Hair with Hydrating Leave-In Conditioner with Avocado + Kiwi

This multitasking Hydrating Leave-In Conditioner is freshly-made with Avocado + Kiwi Extract to make detangling a breeze! Infused with fast-absorbing avocado oil and kiwi extract, this leave-in delivers ultimate hydration, nourishment, and moisture and slip for easier detangling.

Seal in Moisture with Hydrating Oil Blend with Avocado & Kiwi

Freshly made with Avocado + Kiwi Extract, the Hydrating Oil Blend of Meadowfoam and Daikon Oils moisturizes and nourishes the scalp without clogging pores. Boost hydration to your tresses while adding long-lasting shine to any style. Great for styling and refreshing second day hair looks, while sealing in moisture.

Moisturize Hair with Hydrating Moisturizer with Avocado + Kiwi

The Hydrating Moisturizer is freshly-made with Avocado, Kiwi and Konjac Root Extract. Define your natural texture while keeping hair hydrated and frizz-free. Optimize curl definition and provide smoothness and bounce to your beautiful tresses with our lightweight, yet potent formula. This product can be used in place of a Leave-In Conditioner, a refresher for second day hair, or as a daily styler.

hydrating custard organic hair care kiwi

Style Hair with Hydrating Custard with Avocado & Kiwi

Freshly-made Hydrating Custard with Avocado + Kiwi Extract defines and promotes curls with a soft, smooth finish. This medium hold moisturizing styler softens to enhance curls and combat shrinkage.

Twist and Define Hair with Hydrating Twisting Paste with Avocado & Kiwi

Infused with nourishing avocado and kiwi, this wax-free Twisting Paste creates a high hold and high shine style without flaking or buildup. Great for everyday use or to create and maintain locs, twists and braid styles.

Bundle Products and Save

NaturAll Essential Styling Kit

Complete your wash day with the NaturAll Essential Styling Kit! Hold, refresh, detangle, and style your tresses with a set of four alligator clips, one misting bottle, and one detangling brush.

organic haircare natural kiwi avocado

With this new line of freshly-made formulas, your hair routine just got a delicious upgrade! As usual, all of our products are crafted with all natural ingredients, and without any sulfates, fillers, or artificial colorants. The products are also available in a variety of bundles, curated with love  to suit your specific hair concerns and needs. 

Full Hydrating AvoKiwi Collection

This bundle offers one of each of the new Hydrating AvoKiwi products so you can experience all of the benefits yourself! We’ve optimized our formulas and packaging to make your wash day and styling even more manageable with delicious hydrating properties. The tropical kiwi is packed with essential vitamins C and E, combined with the power of avocado to encourage healthy hair growth. The collection runs the gamut of a frozen Deep Conditioner, Shampoo, Rinse-Off Conditioner, Leave-In Conditioner, Moisturizer, Twisting Paste, Curl Custard, and Oil Blend.

AvoKiwi Wash & Go 6-Step Recipe

The AvoKiwi Wash & Go is the perfect recipe for the NaturAllistas on the move! Hydrate, nourish, moisturize, and define your curls with this 6-step system that makes wash day both manageable and refreshing with a delicious new scent too!

AvoKiwi Protective Styling 6-Step Recipe

The AvoKiwi Protective Styling system is the perfect recipe for the NaturAllistas that prefer to style their first day hair in a braided or twisted look. Hydrate, nourish, and moisturize with this 6-step system that will make your next protective style pop! Complete with Shampoo, Conditioner, Fresh Frozé Treatment Deep Conditioner, Moisturizer, Twisting Paste, and Hydrating Oil Blend, your hair will definitely love its new look!

AvoKiwi LOC Method 3-Step Recipe

This is your go to 3-step recipe to LOC in that moisture and achieve the twist-out of your dreams! Our creamy Hydrating Hair Moisturizer provides the perfect blend of slip and shine. Enhances definition, promotes shine, and combats shrinkage. The Hydrating Custard with Avocado & Kiwi defines your curls with a medium hold to keep them soft and bouncy while combating shrinkage. Finish off with the Hydrating Oil Blend to seal and add shine, all powered by organically sourced avocados and all natural non-toxic ingredients.

AvoKiwi Ultimate Locs 3-Step Recipe

The AvoKiwi Ultimate Locs is a 3-step system that's freshly-made for the loc'd NaturAllistas. This bundle is everything you need for at home loc maintenance like retwisting new growth, adding texture with twists and braids outs, or just moisturizing and adding extra shine! Hydrate, style, and seal with the Hydrating Shampoo, Twisting Paste, and Oil Blend featuring a new scent that is sure to please!

natural organic hair care kiwi avocado

The new Hydrating AvoKiwi Collection is certain to become one of your favorites! We’ve covered all of our bases with products and formulas that work for all hair types and styling needs. The fresh ingredients boast amazing results and benefits for your hair as well.

As we discussed, the kiwi is a powerhouse of hair fortifying nutrition. Meadowfoam oil is an incredible sealant and offers protection to keep your hair from drying out or losing moisture throughout the course of your style. Avocado oil is ever present, helping to moisturize, fortify, and even stimulate growth in your scalp. These hair products combine the benefits of all three ingredients, powering hair growth and health through natural ingredients.

We also added styling tools to our collection to make NaturAll your one stop shop for hair needs. The detangling brush is designed to easily glide through your tresses with little tension, making detangling that much easier. The alligator clips also keep your hair in place, to stay organized as you complete your do! We even grouped our products to better suit your hair necessities, so that you get everything you need to nourish and style your hair quickly and easily!

Are you excited to try these products out for yourself? Let us know what you think of the new ingredients, benefits, and products in the comments below!

Mikayla Jones

Mikayla Jones

As an intern NaturAll as a Customer Experience Rep, I began writing blogs in addition to my work in Customer Service. I luckily am still a part of NaturAll's team and enjoy sharing the information I find with you all!

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