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How To Maintain Natural Hair While Exercising

Happy New Year! We’re so excited to begin 2021 anew, with our favorite resolutions fresh in our minds. With that said, NaturAll is here to support you in those endeavors, and if you’re like most Americans, you hope to get more active in the new year!

Unfortunately, statistics show that if you have natural, curly, or kinky hair, chances are that you have a frustrated relationship with exercise. When you put time and money into your hair, the last thing you want to do is ruin it with 30 minutes of excessive sweat and if you only wash your hair once a week, how on earth are you supposed to work out several times a week?! We’re here to help, curlfriend!

  1. Find your dedicated “gym style”

Try a bun, ponytail, or pineapple to keep your curls off your face and neck. This will reduce your hair’s contact with sweat on your forehead and neck. We also recommend leaning on protective styles to provide a low manipulation solution if you find your hair may be too short to pull back. This can help you reach your fitness goals and your growth goals in one step. We love a two for one! Use our best selling Flaxseed Edge Control to keep your baby hairs smooth and aligned while strengthening them with all natural ingredients! They’re available in a variety of strengths so you can get your best hold depending on your hair texture.

3. Be thoughtful about your experience

If you live in a warm climate, work out early in the morning or in the evenings when it’s cooler. Workout from home? Turn the heat down in your house while you do weights and cardio. Take a little time post workout to let your hair and forehead dry off before touching your hair. It’s all about doing what you have to do, to make it work for you!

4. Use a satin-lined scarf or headband. 

This will prevent your edges from getting frizzy. Satin will also reduce friction and breakage during your workout. Remember the sweat we mentioned? Having fabric across your forehead can help to wick the excess moisture away from your strands and into the material, thus preserving even more of your style effortlessly. While satin protects your hair from breakage, it can increase and trap sweat if you overdo it. Let your scalp breath! Be sure not to tie the scarf too tightly to ensure proper airflow. Too tight and you might give yourself a headache.

5. Refresh your scalp and hair.

Try a co wash or essential oils if your hair feels dirty or sweaty in-between workouts. Many naturals who work out frequently opt to shampoo once a week and co-wash mid-week. Our Hydrating AvoKiwi Leave-in Conditioner is perfectly formulated to use everyday to prevent dryness and breakage. Check out our video tutorial for refreshing curls.

6. Resist the urge to shampoo

Sweat already dries out your hair, and using shampoo too often will remove natural oils from your hair and scalp to dry them out even more. Try to use lightweight products when styling your hair to avoid excess product buildup. When you do eventually shampoo, use a sulfate free shampoo like NaturAll’s Hydrating AvoKiwi Shampoo that will thoroughly cleanse your hair without stripping away moisture. When you're in between washes, we always recommend a cowash using our Hydrating Conditioner instead.

7. Make a schedule and stick to it.

A schedule will help you coordinate your hair and workout plans so you won’t have to deal with any surprises. If you plan ahead, you won’t have to make a choice between caring for your health and your hair. A deep conditioning routine is essential to replenish your hair with moisture and protect it from damage and sweat. We always suggest a deep condition every two weeks using our Ice Cream Treatment Deep Conditioners which are especially formulated to suit your specific hair needs whether it’s strengthening, repairing, or curl defining.

Doing your wash n’ go at the end of the week might help if you use your weekends to go harder in the gym. Keeping a schedule can also help to improve your eating habits and water intake since we know you probably made those resolutions too.Increasing your water intake actually helps your hair and scalp, keeps your hair healthy, and the added hydration will definitely make your workouts more effective to help you get stronger.

8. Don’t get discouraged or sacrifice your health for your hair.

You’ll feel better as you get used to a coordinated routine that makes you look and feel your best. We know that this can be a huge undertaking, especially if you’re new to working out. Remember to stay inspired and dedicated. This journey is all about your health and wellness so don’t hold yourself back. The host of benefits exercise has on our bodies and psyche is profound, once you conquer your routine you will be hooked. Fitness transforms lives every single day and you can’t let something as simple as bad hair days disrupt your journey to better health.

We’re so proud of you for taking this opportunity to better yourself, and extremely grateful that we can help you along the way. Our fresh and sometimes products feature all natural ingredients so that you can be sure you have everything you need on the road to better health and wellness. Have more tips you want to share? Leave a comment below!

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