9 Easy Tips To Deal With Damaged Natural Hair

Are your curls not looking so curly anymore? Are there straight strands amongst your curls after you wash your hair?? If this is you, your curls may be damaged.
dealing with damaged hair

Although dealing with damaged hair can feel like a nightmare at times, we’re here to let you know it isn’t impossible to restore those juicy curls and coils. Follow along and learn some helpful tips and tricks!

  • Moisturize, cleanse, then moisturize again. One of the keys to treating damaged hair is making sure your hair is infused with as much moisture as possible. Leaving your hair dry will make it weak and vulnerable to breakage. Pick out a hydrating shampoo and conditioner that will remove any build-up while still providing the necessary moisture. Our Ultimate Wash Day Bundle is the perfect bundle to cleanse your hair without stripping your hair of its natural oils. Not to mention that the products in this bundle are infused with olive oil, locking in moisture!

cleansing avocado shampoo

  • Hey, don’t be so rough. Your hair should be treated as gently as possible during this time, especially during the detangling process Damaged hair is weak hair, so it can break off easily. . We recommend you purchase a deep conditioner that has great slip and nourishing ingredients. Our Aloe + Avocado Sensitive Scalp Solution Deep Conditioner is great for effortless detangling and supreme hydration, leaving your curls and coils with a shiny luminous glow. This Deep Conditioner can even be used as a pre-poo treatment to make shampooing your hair even easier!

 sensitive scalp solution

  • Deep condition the stress away. Deep conditioners are the perfectly cooked-up potion for damaged hair, especially the Damaged Hair Solution of our Fresh Avocado Deep Conditioner. While the product won't instantly revert your hair, it will enrich your hair with moisture and nutrients, helping it to grow stronger and healthier. With consistent use, most customers see improvements in curl definition!

damaged hair solution

  • Who knew hot oil helps? Many people aren’t familiar with the hot oil treatment. By warming up your favorite oil and massaging it from your scalp to your tips (on damp hair), you can infuse your curls with the nutrients they deserve. This method can help to promote growth while also preventing that pesky frizz. 
  • Yes, we’re talking about the big chop. 2 words someone with natural hair never wants to hear: big chop. But sometimes the damaged hair is too far gone. Think of it as a new beginning, your newly grown healthy curls will thank you later. 

 tips for dealing with damaged hair

Now that you’ve gotten some tips on how to bring back the bounce to those curlies, your next step is to prevent future damage. Never wait until it’s too late to keep taking care of your natural hair. 

  • They’re called ‘protective styles’ for a reason. Especially after a big chop, the best way to help your hair grow healthy and strong is by putting it in a protective style. Whether it be in braids or a wig, allow your hair to recover without any harsh impact from the outside world.
  • Twist it out! Like we said before, moisture is key. In order to keep all your hair moisturized at all times: section it out, add a generous amount of leave-in conditioner, work in your moisturizing styler, and let it soak in the juicy goodness for a few days before manipulating your hair again. 
  • If you must press, press with heat protectant. Try your hardest to fight the urge, but if you find yourself looking for your straightener please proceed with caution. Use cooler temperatures and spray an efficient heat protectant to avoid any future damage.
  • Let loose. Curls and collies need room to sprout into their natural state. Let your hair relax and breathe by choosing looser hairstyles that require less tugging and teasing. The more freedom you give your hair, the less damage you have to deal with. 

dealing with damaged hair

Trust us when we say damaged hair is not the end of the world, there’s always a way back. Whether you need a simple deep conditioning routine or a full blown big chop, your natural curl pattern can be restored to its full glory. So, keep your head up and keep your protective styles in to make sure you say bye-bye to damage for good.

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