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Should I Use Different Products In The Winter?

Along with all the joys of the holiday season come the pains of the weather. Not only do you have to worry about staying warm, you also have to worry about your hair staying safe! We have a guide with tips for summer and winter hair care that you can check out. But is it just your routine that should change with the seasons, or should your products change to? 

No matter the season, the air around you can either be humid or dry; both can occur in the summer whereas dry air is always prevalent in the winter. Because the air around you is the determining factor in what products to use, you can technically use the same products in winter and summer if the air is the same

winter with natural hair

Humid air can help feed your hair moisture due to it containing more water than your hair strands. To attract this moisture you want to use humectants like honey and glycerin. 

Dry air will draw moisture from your hair due to your strands containing more water than it. To prevent the moisture from escaping, you want to use anti-humectants which are basically sealers that will prevent moisture from getting in and out of your hair. Good anti-humectants are olive or jojoba oil. Keep in mind these should always be used after a moisturizer; oil doesn’t moisturize, it seals moisture in!

natural hair in the winter

In dry climates, the main goal of the products you use should be to moisturize and hydrate. In the summer, the sun can dry your hair so much it breaks; in the winter, the cold will do the same. Using anti-humectants isn’t enough to ensure this. You want to make sure you’re feeding your hair plenty of nutrients and protein so it can remain healthy and strong. Deep conditioning regularly and using a daily moisturizer will help to moisturize and protect your hair. Our Nourishing Avocado Leave-In Conditioner doubles as a daily moisturizer and is perfect for hydrating your hair while feeding it the vitamins it needs. 

Do you have any items that you pull out just for winter? Let us know in the comments!

Muhga Eltigani

Muhga Eltigani

After years of using products that left her hair dry, damaged, and dull, Muhga Eltigani decided to chop off her hair and start over. For 6 months, she committed to using only natural ingredients on her hair- foods from her fridge and the grocery store with names she recognized, like avocados, olive oil, coconut, baking soda, and even eggs. She found support through an online community of women like her, sharing recipes and ingredients on Youtube.

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