QUIZ: What JBCO Scent Am I?

Hey again, Naturalistas! You know and love our Jamaican Black Castor Oil Growth Serums, but have you ever wondered which scent is perfect for you? All our growth serums contain a mixture of oils that are especially suited to promoting hair growth and thickness, but even though they can all help us reach our goals when it comes to hair length we know how important scent can be!

 Take our quiz below to find out what scent is best suited for you!

What did you think of your result? Do you already use this Growth Serum scent? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Jill

    I loved the results!! It’s exactly what I ordered.

  • R. Benson

    I am totally impressed because I have already ordered the lemon scent castor oil serum amazingly.

  • YVette

    I haven’t used the product yet. I was hoping it would be orange and it is! 🤩

  • Beverly

    I got lavender & I HATE that scent! Not really a flowery fruity kind if women.

  • karlo Petigny

    orange…. wow that’s exactly what i ordered before doing the quiz. I’’m impress.

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