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QUIZ: Which Deep Conditioner Is For Me?

Our Fresh Avocado Deep Conditioners are made with real fresh avocados! Which is why they need to be kept in the fridge or freezer before you use them. But when it comes to our Deep Conditioners, there is a lot to choose from and a lot to consider! Whether you are thinking about if you might be protein sensitive or not or even how much solution you need - we’ve got you covered. Take our short quiz to find out which Deep Conditioner Solution is the right one for you!

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Now that you know which Deep Conditioner is perfect for you, check out our blog to make sure you get all the moisture you can out of this product here.

Muhga Eltigani

Muhga Eltigani

After years of using products that left her hair dry, damaged, and dull, Muhga Eltigani decided to chop off her hair and start over. For 6 months, she committed to using only natural ingredients on her hair- foods from her fridge and the grocery store with names she recognized, like avocados, olive oil, coconut, baking soda, and even eggs. She found support through an online community of women like her, sharing recipes and ingredients on Youtube.

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