Member Spotlight: Kitana's Natural Hair Journey

My hair journey has been long and painful. I used to blow dry my hair all the time, and noticed my hair was always super dry after blow-drying it (even with protection) and my hair would always break. I would always cry and be lost as to why my hair had changed.

I remember using too much product trying to get rid of my dry and damaged ends/hair. I ended up weighing down my hair, making it worse. Days, months, and years passed, and my hair continued to break off, look really thin, and uneven. I never wanted to deal with it so I always went to salons to get it done because I felt like they would know more about how to handle my hair than I did at the time.

I remember the first time when I started going natural; I made this decision in my sophomore year of high school. I finally had enough, I put down the blow dryer, trashed those terrible toxic products, and decided to go natural and use organic and healthier products. Everyday since my sophomore year, which was 4 years ago, I would do hair masks, use oils, condition my hair more, and my hair returned to it's full curly self.

Kitana natural hair

Presently, I am struggling with maintaining my moisture for my type 4 hair and it's been hard but the journey has been so amazing! The shrinkage for me is super annoying and I wish that my hair just look as good as it does when I get out the shower... ☹️ But other than that I love my curls they're super cute ! ❤️

I subscribed to this Holy Grail Company, NaturAll Club, months back because I wanted to know if the deep conditioners were actually “butter” or if everyone was playing games. The whole truth nothing but the truth get you a couple of their masks! The deep conditioner was a big key in making my hair fuller and more defined! I love the way the products smell and feel in my hair. Every time it's that time of the month to apply I mask I get excited to wear the Avocado Deep Conditioner because it nourishes my hair like no other; it rejuvenates my dull and flat hair! It's magic and I love it! In the future, I really want to purchase their other products but I have a guilty pleasure of buying hair products.. oops! :)

Some lessons that I have learned throughout this process: First, your hair is not everyone else's and good things really do take time. This means, I should not try to force my hair to work under the same conditions as everyone else just because it works for them or because it made their hair look so good. I use to blow dry and use products that my sisters used because 'it worked for them' so I automatically thought 'hey, we're related so it should work for me too..' WRONG! This was a horrible decision because the products they used had so many chemicals! And overusing them absolutely destroyed my hair!

To elaborate on the second lesson I’ve learned, I am terribly impatient when it comes to my hair; I hate doing it, air drying, just the long processes that come with having curly hair. With that being said, be patient because your hair is so delicate and prone to damage especially when you are rushing. It's literally like a work of art; you can't take your time in the beginning making it all nice and pretty, then all of a sudden you scribble and throw random things on it just so 'it’s done' and you don't have to deal with it anymore.

Don't rush the process, don't compare your hair, appreciate your hair, and treat your hair the way you SHOULD treat your body; feeding it organics, veggies, water, and love. <3

Kitana's hair story

We love sharing the natural hair journeys of our customers and members! Thanks for reading Kitana's story. If you want to share your own story, submit here!

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  • S.A. Prophet

    Thank you for sharing. I especially appreciate your emphasizing the necessity to eat your vegetables and drink lots of water!

  • Linda Pickens

    What’s good for natural curly hair

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