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Is Hydrolyzed Silk Good For Natural Hair?

What is hydrolyzed silk protein?

Hydrolyzed silk protein can be found in numerous skin and hair products. It's made from actual silk, which is one of the strongest natural fibers you can find. Hydrolyzed silk is made by breaking down the chemicals in silk into smaller parts so they can be dissolved in water.

After this process is finished, the silk proteins can be combined into hair and skin products. Let’s take a look at why hydrolyzed silk protein is so beneficial to your hair.

Why is hydrolyzed silk so good for natural hair?

Hair strands are made up of a protein called keratin. Because your hair is built from protein, it needs a certain amount of protein to maintain its structure. Without enough protein your hair becomes weak, loses elasticity, and is more prone to breakage.

This is where hydrolyzed silk comes in. Silk is one of the strongest naturally occurring fibers you can find. So when silk is broken down into its proteins, it forms a barrier around the hair. This wall of protective protein is what makes silk protein able to improve your hair’s elasticity and strength. The silk also fortifies your hair follicles, making them feel smooth and soft.

is hydrolyzed silk good for natural hair?

How do I use hydrolyzed silk protein in my hair?

Using products with hydrolyzed silk in them is a great way to help strengthen your hair in your everyday routine. Not only will this ingredient strengthen your hair, but it will also make it shinier, softer, and overall more manageable.  NaturAll's Flaxseed Gel Edge Control with Yogurt contains hydrolyzed silk, which is perfect for protecting your edges against breakage!

Have you ever tried any hydrolyzed proteins on your hair? Let us know in the comments below!

Mikayla Jones

Mikayla Jones

At NaturAll, we create and elevate clean haircare and beauty standards, providing freshly-made products that are better for you and your hair. Sourced from small farmers in Jamaica and Ghana. We source ingredients directly from small farmers in Jamaica and Ghana, so we always know how our ingredients are sourced and exactly who is being supported by our business. We are proud to support Black farmers and small businesses around the world. We believe that what goes on your body is as important as what goes in it. Too many hair products are made with synthetic ingredients that are irritating, damaging, or even hazardous, and the problem is worse in hair products marketed to Black women.

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