HOW-TO: Keep natural hair moisturized (7 tips from NaturAll Club)

Breakage. Dryness. Slow growth. Unmanageable hair. These are all issues that can be remedied by properly and consistently moisturizing your hair. We have seven must-know strategies for keeping your hair moisturized on a daily basis.

water is moisture natural hair

1. You can’t moisturize your hair without water. In fact, you may already use a range of products and conditioners to moisturize your hair, but a true moisturizer will have water listed as one of the first two ingredients. (In our hair masks, water is second only to fresh avocados!) If your product contains much other than water, it simply isn’t moisturizing your hair.

lock in moisture with anti-humectant natural hair

2. You can use a thick, natural oil to seal in moisture from a water-based moisturizer. We recommend castor oil or avocado oil, or an anti-humectant like shea butter (that’s why shea butter is the main ingredient in our leave-in serum.)

trim natural hair to retain moisture

3. Trim your hair regularly to get rid of split ends, brittle ends, and single strand knots. This will help your hair grow and retain moisture in the long run.

avoid heat to retain moisture natural hair

4. Avoid heat at all costs. Flat irons and blow driers will strip the moisture out of your hair, leaving it dry- and once it’s gone, it takes a while for natural oils to re-moisturize your hair.

how to keep natural hair moisturized

5. Keep your hands OUT of your hair! Touching your curls will make it them dry out faster.

protect natural hair with satin scarf

6. At night, cover your hair with a satin bonnet or scarf to retain moisture while you sleep. Silk is an animal protein fiber, while satin is a fiber weave. While there are differences between the two, either one will prevent moisture loss overnight, along with normal snags and split ends from friction.

retain moisture with consistent deep conditioning routine

7. Finally, one of the most important ways to moisturize natural hair is a consistent deep conditioning routine. Natural deep conditioners (or hair masks) sit in your hair long enough to penetrate the strands, packing your hair with the moisture and nutrients it needs to thrive. Rinse after 20-40 minutes, style with your normal products, enjoy the results... and repeat every two weeks! Shop avocado deep conditioners here.

moisturize hair with avocado hair masks


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