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An Inside Look At Our Ingredients

NaturAll proudly produces natural and healthy hair care products for our supporters. We excitedly present our ingredient spotlight and the fact that our formulas are made without harmful additives like sulfates and fillers. Today, you’ll get an in depth look at how these powerful ingredients are cultivated, and why they’re so important to us, and most importantly, your hair!

organic avocado ingredient for hair care products

Common Name: Avocado

Scientific Name: Persea Gratissima 

Pronunciation: “per-see-uh grah-tee-see-muh”

Avocados are powerhouses of nutrition and vitamins that offer amazing benefits when ingested, and applied topically like in our hair products. Full of protein, avocados are considered a “super food” because they contain so many beneficial compounds. Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and tons of fatty acids to help build up the strength of your hair shaft and create overall healthier hair!

The Avocado is one of our favorite ingredients, in fact we have an entire collection dedicated to it! Persea Gratissima grow on trees in warm and humid climates. They sprout from the branches as flowers, and then ripen into our beloved avocados. Because of this growth cycle, avocados are technically considered a type of berry. 

avocados growing on a tree

Once they are harvested and cleaned, avocados can be sent to grocery stores around the world to use in smoothies, sandwiches and a host of other delicious ways! For use in NaturAll hair products they are either dried and milled into a powder to be added to our non-frozen products, used to extract avocado oil from, or they are pulverized and packaged raw to create amazingly effective formulas like our Ice Cream Treatment Deep Conditioners

If you’re looking for products that are freshly made, and pack a serious nutritional punch, we recommend our Avocado Hydration Line with products that all feature the Persea Gratissima as a main ingredient.

Are you a fan of avocados? What’s your favorite way to use them? Let us know in the comment section below!


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