What We're Thankful For Today

On this Thanksgiving Day, we thank you for welcoming NaturAll Club on your natural hair care journey. For many, this journey has been life-changing and a continued message of coming home to oneself. Our goal is for everyone to accept their natural hair for the amazingness that it is. 

happy thanksgiving from naturall club

Thank you for always sharing your world with such integrity and heart. You inspired questions broadened our vision, made us question the way things are, and want to go against the norm. Because of you, our community is wiser and stronger. 

We at NaturAll Club truly cherish the times we have spent (and will continue to spend) getting to know you. It’s been so much fun connecting with you in person and online through social media!

Thank you for always being so good to the NaturAll Club team and to others within the community. 

naturall club with customers

On this Thanksgiving, we are truly grateful for your continued love and support. We would like to leave you with the sweetest animated short film about an African American father trying to do his daughter's hair for the first time called Hair Love created by Matthew A. Cherry. 

With gratitude and love,

The NaturAll Club Team

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