7 Times Black Fathers Showed Us Anything Is Possible + Hair Tips

Fathers Day… a day we always seem to forget. I meeaan, I almost forgot to post this blog 🤭. It’s like that plant you keep forgetting to water or that Flaxseed Styling Bundle you’ve had in your abandoned cart for the past 4 days (but seriously, go checkout sis 😂). 

A few weeks ago, I was scrolling through Instagram and saw a video of a man styling his daughter’s hair on the subway. Next thing I know, *waterworks.* (Just kidding, big girls don’t cry 😉).

When we hear about black fathers in the media, there often seems to be a negative connotation. When I saw the video of this father’s tender love and care for his daughter, it really touched my heart. This propelled me to write this blog and try to fight the stereotype by showing you guys everyday fathers doing everyday things.

Let’s begin with the video that started it all:


Ok, but tell me this isn’t the CUTEST thing you have ever seen! My man was really out here doing his daughter’s hair on the subway. If that does not scream wonderful father, I don’t know what will! Let’s be honest, when it comes to doing hair, most look to the woman in the house to complete this task. Doing your daughter’s natural hair is not something to be embarrassed of. This is a special bond you should be proud of!


This super daddy went all in with this style! He even formed his own DIY spray concoction. He took his time making sure her hair was given some TLC, moisturized her hair with affection, and twisted to perfection! And the hair balls? PRICELESS! The smile on her face when she saw the final looks says it all. *Daddy, you did a greeaat job!*


“Because you need a little Black girl on your timeline with an Afro laughing and being carefree.”

Baby India was feeling the curls and the laugh and sass shows it all! I’ve probably watched this video like 16 times and I am not sorry! *watch again for an instantaneous smile*

P.S. If you are a dad out there trying to take care of your daughter’s hair, it is important to take time learning about her natural hair type. Once you figure out the products and styles that work, this will save you a lot of time in the long run. Help her to embrace her hair, kinks and all.

It brings me joy to see little girls being natural and embracing their fros. If you are running for father of the year, I would recommend buying the Full Avocado Collection. This full set comes with everything your daughter’s hair needs! And don’t forget, health is wealth.


Although baby girl is still young and  growing her own hair, she was definitely more interested in her father’s locs than she was in the book 😂

It is important for our young queens to see their father embracing their hair. From waves, to braids, to fros, to LOCS, representation goes a long way.


When it comes to doing your daughter’s natural hair, do not be afraid to ask google, friends, and family for help! Just like you ask them to babysit, ask them for hair tips! They should be more than happy to help. This is supposed to be bonding time sir, do not break her hair while trying to give her that mohawk you saw on Power Rangers *not gonna work sir* Remember, there is no need to reinvent the wheel!


More than anything, it is important to show your daughter some LOVE! Love her and encourage her in everything she does. Teach her to love and take care of her hair. She is looking up to you to be her role model. Allow her to make mistakes. Even during her hair journey, there will be days that she may want to give up. Help her to see the beauty in her natural hair!

Oh and one more video for good luck. I could't resist!


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