Type 3 Hair Reviews

Here at NaturAll Club we pride ourselves in providing a platform for all of our loyal NaturAllistas. Type 3 hair can be very versatile so we're here to give you an inside look into dramatic results, fun styles, and (by default) a happier you. Don't just take it from us though, many happy customers have blessed us by documenting their journey to voluptuous curls!

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The Avocado Collection

The Fresh Avocado Deep Conditioner is the first step to unlocking unbeatable curl definition. After washing, restore all the moisture and nutrients in a matter of 20-40 minutes. Put on a Netflix show and let the magic happen. 

Imagine having all the products you need for a wash day in one bundle. Oh wait, no need to imagine it sis because NaturAll Club's Ultimate Wash Day Bundle is the answer to all your hair needs. Shampoo, condition, and deep condition to your heart's content. :)

Get into the slip. Get into the nourishment. Get into the swirls! The Full Avocado Collection will give you the all-in-one pass to cultivating a better regimen through safe, fresh ingredients, and products that actually work!

Why struggle with making a messy mask when our experts hand-make the perfect solution for you? Our 3 solutions have avocado as a spotlight ingredient, but have different curl-tastic functions. Tip: For low porosity hair, use the deep conditioner with heat so more product is absorbed by your pores!


The Flaxseed Styling Collection 

No crunch but ALL the definition. Our Flaxseed Styling Collection will bring out the inner shine to your crown we all know it has! For a wash n' go with the Flaxseed Gel, or twist-out with the Flaxseed Curl Custard - be ready for pampered curlies. 

Our fellas know what's up, too! Slicking down your baby hairs, or edges, is a breeze using the Flaxseed Edge Control. This powerful mixture comes in an All Day Hold and an Extreme Hold, to fit your desired look. :)

The Jamaican Black Castor Oil Growth Serum

The JBCO Growth Serum is our little NaturAll Club gem. A product with real ingredients that provides REAL results, try it yourself. 

Whether it's the Lavender or the Orange scent, you will feel the strength and long-lasting moisture with consistent use of our JBCO Growth Serum! 

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Type 3 Customer's Reviews


type 3 hair full avocado collection review

"I have the Full Avocado Collection with the deep conditioner for dry hair. I absolutely love the shampoo, it has great slip. If u don’t want to get the full line I would suggest to get the deep conditioner and the styling bundle. When I’m done using these products my hair is so soft and shiny!!"

- Roshana W. Full Avocado Collection

type 3 hair pure avocado oil review

"I love the Avcacdo oil. It leaves my hair light and full of shine. Thank you so much!!!"

- Yvrande H. Pure Avocado Oil


type 3 hair nourishing avocado leave-in conditioner

"Great product! The only brand I use!"

- Kirsten C. Nourishing Avocado Leave-In Conditioner

type 3 hair flaxseed gel curl custard review

"I used the Flaxseed Gel Curl Custard on my granddaughter’s hair! The definition of curls were AMAZING! It moisturized and softened her curls! No tangles here!"

Angela S. Flaxseed Gel Curl Custard