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Our Mission

Our mission at NaturAll Club is to create products with integrity, while fostering and uplifting our community. We seek to accomplish this goal by using natural, safe, and nontoxic ingredients to make products that nourish the hair and body, while setting the highest standard of performance on the market.

We also nurture a collective of kinky/curly haired women across the world by offering helpful, informative posts on natural haircare, hosting community meet-ups for encouragement and growth, and fostering online communities where our members can learn from and support one another.

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Founder Story

Muhga Eltigani Founder and CEO

My name is Muhga Eltigani and I am the Founder and CEO of NaturAll Club. A few years ago I became frustrated with commercial hair products that seemed to work for a while, but ultimately left my hair dry and brittle. I learned that many of these products also contained parabens, formaldehyde, phthalates, and other toxic chemicals that over time, would degrade my hair and poison my body.

The big hair brands tell us that if we want a natural, safe product, we have to sacrifice performance and results. I knew there had to be a solution that didn't compromise the effectiveness of the product OR the health of my body. So I started making hair products in my college dorm room. 

I began with ingredients and recipes accessible to me, and while supported by a small Youtube following, I committed to a six-month journey of using only fresh and natural ingredients in my hair. I explored the incredible versatility of natural fruits, nuts, and oils to make natural hair products with stunning results. In 2016, I launched NaturAll Club to share my findings and these fresh products with my community.

making products in my dorm room

But I didn't stop there. Like you, I wanted a full line I could trust, not just a few standout products. My team and I spent the next two years researching cutting-edge ingredients and substitutes and exploring the chemistry and science of product formulation, to make natural alternatives to the highest performing products on the market.

This is what I learned: the idea that you need to compromise results for ingredients, or safety for performance, is a lie. Science has progressed, haircare has evolved, and we can achieve even better results by using natural and safe ingredients. We're leaving the toxic ingredients out of our formulas.

NaturAll Club's mission is to create products with integrity, while fostering and uplifting our community. NaturAll Club is on the cutting edge of science and product formulation to achieve what no other hair brand has done before, because you and I don't deserve to compromise anymore. This is the future of hair care.

the future of hair care

NaturAll Club Timeline

October 2012: Muhga (junior year in college) cuts her hair and embarks on a 6-month all natural product challenge because she was tired of all of the in-store options that were making her hair dry and brittle!

December 2012: Muhga makes her first avocado deep conditioner and shares with her youtube channel. "I feel like there's a coat of happiness over each strand...this is definitely going into my regular hair routine."

April 2013: Muhga completes 6-month hair journey with 4 inches of growth. She decides to continue using her own natural, handmade deep conditioners.

February 2015: Muhga launches NaturAll Club on her social media channels and begins selling Avocado Deep Conditioners.

Fall 2015: Muhga begins working full-time to bring fresh fruits into hair products.

August 2016: NaturAll Club launches its current website. Sam is added as COO of NaturAll Club.

August 2017: NaturAll Club hires Philomina as Director of Marketing and Jamie as Director of Customer Experience, expanding the team to four members.

October 2017: NaturAll Club releases the Jamaican Black Castor Oil Growth Serum, expanding its line of all-natural hair products.

June 2018: NaturAll Club expands production from the kitchen to a small in-house production facility. NaturAll Club hires two team members to help keep up with the rising demand for products.

August 2018: NaturAll Club hires Mohamed as Chief Scientific Officer to bring natural hair product formulation into the future.

Our Team

Hello from our Philadelphia team!

philadelphia naturall club team