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Looking for the "secret" to healthy hair?

At NaturAll Club we believe in two secrets to healthy hair. The first is natural ingredients, which is why we only use natural or fresh ingredients in our products. (Learn more here.)

The other secret to healthy hair is consistency. Think about it- you wouldn't go to the gym once and expect to get in shape, or eat healthy foods for one week and expect to lose weight. Results take consistency.

hair results take consistency

We created a solution to make consistency easy: a subscription service that ships products to you automatically, so you never run out or forget to order more. Read on to find out why subscriptions are the foolproof route to healthy hair- and how to start and manage your own subscription!

Covered in this article:

  • What does "subscription" mean?
  • Why subscribe?
  • Subscriber perks
  • So, how do I subscribe?
  • How will I know when my subscription renews?
  • Can I edit my subscription?
  • What if I don't want automatic shipments?

What does “subscription” mean?

When you subscribe to a product or bundle with NaturAll Club, you will receive the item automatically on a recurring basis. You select your renewal schedule (4, 6, or 8 weeks), and we will automatically charge your card and ship you the products according to that schedule. You won't need to remember or even think about refilling your products, because we'll do it for you!

Our subscriptions are similar to a magazine or Netflix subscription! Instead of getting a monthly magazine or paying monthly for a streaming service, each month you’ll get fresh natural hair products delivered to your door.

Why subscribe?

In order to see moisture, growth, and healthy hair long term, you need to establish a regimen and stick to it. 

We know that sticking to a regimen isn’t always easy, especially if you run out of products before you have a chance to get more. That’s why we recommend subscriptions. We take away the hassle of constantly remembering to buy new products. With automatic payments and shipments, you’ll never run out of the natural products your hair needs. 

Still not convinced? As a subscriber, you become a member of our subscriber club which comes with perks...

Subscriber Perks

All our subscriptions are 10% off the original price and ship for free. That means you save every single month! But that's not all- here are some other perks of becoming a subscriber:

subscriber perks

subscriber perks

accumulated subscriber perks

So, how do I subscribe?

This part is easy! Let’s say you want to subscribe to our Avocado Deep Conditioner and receive a shipment every 6 weeks. Before you add the product to your cart, select “subscribe and save” and select your time interval (6 weeks.) Your first order will be shipped within a few days, and in 6 weeks you will automatically be charged again for your next shipment.

how to subscribe

Ready to sign up?

How will I know when my subscription renews?

To check your next renewal date, log into your NaturAll Club account here and click "Manage Subscriptions" to see your upcoming renewals. We'll send you a reminder email two days before your subscription renews, just in case you forget.

manage subscription

When your subscription renews, you'll receive a confirmation email from NaturAll Club and you'll see the charge appear on your card statement. Please keep an eye on emails from NaturAll Club or mark your renewal date on your calendar if you think you might forget. Once the charge has been processed, we are unable to cancel, skip, or refund the charge.

Can I edit my subscription?

Easy! Simply log in to your account on NaturAll Club and click “Manage Subscriptions.” Here you can view your subscriptions and change your information! 

  • To skip an upcoming renewal, click “Delivery Schedule (edit subscription)” and then “skip” for each delivery you’d like to skip.
  • To change your shipping address, click “Edit” next to the shipping address that is displayed above your subscription and make the relevant changes.
  • To change your billing information, click “Billing information” on the left.
  • To change your shipping interval or next charge date, click “Edit” under “Actions.”
  • To cancel your subscription, click “Cancel” under actions.
  • To add a discount code for your next shipment, click “ Apply Discount Code” and enter the code. Just make sure our current promotion applies to the product you’re subscribed to!
  • To change the product(s) you are subscribed to, email We'll be happy to update your subscription for you.

edit subscription

If you have trouble making the change, just reach out to us at We’d love to help! We are also happy to double check that your change was made correctly

What if I don’t want automatic shipments? Do I have to subscribe?

You do NOT have to subscribe in order to buy a product! You can make a one-time purchase on any of our products. Just make sure that “one-time purchase” is selected before you check out.

one time purchase

More questions about subscriptions?

We're only an email away! Contact us at

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