Here at NaturAll Club we know the men out there need love, too! A variety of sons, fathers, and husbands use our products to keep their hair looking and feeling its best. Whether it be to moisturize your hair or grow out your beard, we make sure our products are versatile enough for all of our loyal customers.

We've compiled just a few of our men's customer reviews along with some video testimonials for your disposal! Learn how to use the products and find what works best for your hair, right here.

Video Reviews

NaturAll Club's Fresh Avocado Deep Conditioner is a must-have. This #1 selling product is the best way to make sure you're achieving healthy, moisturized hair.

Achieve a variety of unique styles by using our Avocado Curl Custard. It's made with the perfect hold to keep your style in tact without the flakes or fuss.


Get a look at a first-hand testimonial on our Jamaican Black Castor Oil Growth Serum. This mixture of essential oils is packed with all of the key ingredients for hair growth!

Men love our Flaxseed Styling Collection too! Check out this video on using Flaxseed to revive and define your curls for all of your desired looks. 

Men's Customer Reviews

"I’ve been using the products for over a month now. I’m in love and I’ve been telling everyone. The avocado stying bundle leaves my hair manageable and I can go days without having to wash or condition/rinse. Most products build up and cause my scalp to itch and flake, these did neither. My natural hair is healthy and happy! Thank you "

-Connie H. Avocado Styling Bundle

"Love the gel. Will definitely order again."

-Mychal T. Flaxseed Styling Bundle


-Danijel W. Jamaican Black Castor Growth Serum

"I used the ultimate wash day bundle and it left my hair very moisturized, soft and manageable to get these twists done!"

-Aaron B. Ultimate Wash Day Bundle

"This product was awesome!!! I wish I discovered it before cutting my hair. My hair was softer and much more manageable."

-Wayne A. Fresh Avocado Deep Conditioner

"My son's hair stays hydrated until our next wash. I also use the avocado oil and the leave-in conditioner for an extra bounce in his 4C hair."

-Monique H. Deep Conditioner Bundle