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Type 4 Hair Reviews

NaturAll Club knows how much our Type 4 hair texture babes need their representation. It can be hard to find reviews that accurately show your rich coilies, which is exactly what we're here to change. Every hair type needs some love, so we've compiled the best of the best videos and customer reviews that will have you (and your curls) twirling with joy!

Our products are packed with the moisture and natural ingredients you need to achieve glorious curls, without all the dangerous chemicals. Period. Make sure to keep a look out for some exclusive pro-tips throughout. ;)

The Avocado Collection

So it's wash day and you're looking for a product with the best slip to make the process a little less tedious. NaturAll Club's Ultimate Wash Day Bundle includes all the products you need to cleanse, moisturize, and detangle your crown.  

Our Fresh Avocado Deep Conditioner. Need I say more? Three custom-made solutions, packed with nutrients to enhance your hair regimen. Pro-tip: Many type 4 babes use the deep conditioner as a pre-poo to add moisture straight from the start of the detangling process! 



The Full Avocado Collection is a must-have for achieving your favorite styles. Trust me, avocados are the fruit your hair has been hungry for. Feed your curls moisture and all natural ingredients, so you can feel (and look) your best. 

We didn't forget our kinky kiddies! Many parents love the Avocado Collection for their children to make their hair regimen more fun. Products like our Nourishing Avocado Leave-in Conditioner are fluent in moisture and slip. :)

The Flaxseed Styling Collection

Whether it be a twist-out, wash n go, or locs, your hair needs products with great hold and long-lasting results. The Flaxseed Styling Collection includes the first EVER Flaxseed Edge Control and first EVER Flaxseed Curl Custard - all products that will help you achieve definition without the crunch.  


Introducing our newest addition to the Flaxseed Line: the Flaxseed Edge Control Black. An all-in-one product for coverage while slicking those curlies down. Pro-tip: Our Flaxseed Edge Control and Flaxseed Gel come in an Extreme Hold for tight textures. 

The Jamaican Black Castor Oil Growth Serum

One word, 5 letters: GROWTH. Your first step is a bottle filled with 4 essential oils and a whole lot of love, the JBCO Growth Serum. (But always remember, shrinkage means healthy curlies cuddle up together and rejoice in being baptized in moisture.)

Our JBCO Growth Serum also strengthens your follicles and nourishes your scalp. Rich ingredients + consistency = a happier, healthier, head of hair. Pro-tip: Choose your favorite scent to help yourself be consistent: Orange, Lemon, Lavender or Unscented.  

Type 4 Customer's Reviews


type 4 hair avocado styling bundle review

"The leave in conditioner is very light weight, doesn’t weigh your hair down!!! My hair was sooo soft, would absolutely recommend it, especially the 4C sistas!!! ❤️😊"

Wanjiku T. Avocado Styling Bundle


"My hair is so soft, manageable, moisture and smells amazing. I get compliments all the time as to what perfume I’m using and it’s the oil that smells good. I would recommend this oil to every 4C type."

- Ashley B. JBCO Growth Serum



"The avacado curl custard really helped me master my 4c finger coils! I used to not think my hair could curl like this, until I realized hydrated, moisturized and healthy 4c hair can curl like this 🙌🏾"

- Jasmine B. Full Avocado Collection


"My 4c hair loves these products!!!! For the first time I can rely on a product that does not neglect my hair. I’m in loveeeeee!!!!"

- Tamikia W. Deep Conditioner Solution Box 

Type 3 Hair Reviews


Here at NaturAll Club we pride ourselves in providing a platform for all of our loyal NaturAllistas. Type 3 hair can be very versatile so we're here to give you an inside look into dramatic results, fun styles, and (by default) a happier you. Don't just take it from us though, many happy customers have blessed us by documenting their journey to voluptuous curls!

The Avocado Collection

The Fresh Avocado Deep Conditioner is the first step to unlocking unbeatable curl definition. After washing, restore all the moisture and nutrients in a matter of 20-40 minutes. Put on a Netflix show and let the magic happen. 

Imagine having all the products you need for a wash day in one bundle. Oh wait, no need to imagine it sis because NaturAll Club's Ultimate Wash Day Bundle is the answer to all your hair needs. Shampoo, condition, and deep condition to your heart's content. :)

Get into the slip. Get into the nourishment. Get into the swirls! The Full Avocado Collection will give you the all-in-one pass to cultivating a better regimen through safe, fresh ingredients, and products that actually work!

Why struggle with making a messy mask when our experts hand-make the perfect solution for you? Our 3 solutions have avocado as a spotlight ingredient, but have different curl-tastic functions. Tip: For low porosity hair, use the deep conditioner with heat so more product is absorbed by your pores!


The Flaxseed Styling Collection 

No crunch but ALL the definition. Our Flaxseed Styling Collection will bring out the inner shine to your crown we all know it has! For a wash n' go with the Flaxseed Gel, or twist-out with the Flaxseed Curl Custard - be ready for pampered curlies. 

Our fellas know what's up, too! Slicking down your baby hairs, or edges, is a breeze using the Flaxseed Edge Control. This powerful mixture comes in an All Day Hold and an Extreme Hold, to fit your desired look. :)

The Jamaican Black Castor Oil Growth Serum

The JBCO Growth Serum is our little NaturAll Club gem. A product with real ingredients that provides REAL results, try it yourself. 

Whether it's the Lavender or the Orange scent, you will feel the strength and long-lasting moisture with consistent use of our JBCO Growth Serum! 

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Type 3 Customer's Reviews


type 3 hair full avocado collection review

"I have the Full Avocado Collection with the deep conditioner for dry hair. I absolutely love the shampoo, it has great slip. If u don’t want to get the full line I would suggest to get the deep conditioner and the styling bundle. When I’m done using these products my hair is so soft and shiny!!"

- Roshana W. Full Avocado Collection

type 3 hair pure avocado oil review

"I love the Avcacdo oil. It leaves my hair light and full of shine. Thank you so much!!!"

- Yvrande H. Pure Avocado Oil


type 3 hair nourishing avocado leave-in conditioner

"Great product! The only brand I use!"

- Kirsten C. Nourishing Avocado Leave-In Conditioner

type 3 hair flaxseed gel curl custard review

"I used the Flaxseed Gel Curl Custard on my granddaughter’s hair! The definition of curls were AMAZING! It moisturized and softened her curls! No tangles here!"

Angela S. Flaxseed Gel Curl Custard

Video Hair Reviews


Check out these videos to see what each of our products look like, how they work, and the results. We prioritize transparency at NaturAll Club and we never pay for good reviews. These videos represent the honest opinions and first impressions of video bloggers themselves. Listen to what happy customers have to say!

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Fresh Avocado Deep Conditioner

NaturAll Club's #1 selling Deep Conditioner is made from all natural ingredients like fresh avocados! This product combines both fruits and oils to moisturize your hair and restore definition to your curls. Our Deep Conditioner comes in three formulas, each suited for different hair needs: Dry, Damaged, and Dull. Take the quiz to find the ideal formula for you. :)

The Avocado Line

Avocados are our secret (but not so secret) ingredient. NaturAll Club's Full Avocado Collection includes a Cleansing Shampoo, Hydrating Conditioner, Deep Conditioner, Nourishing Avocado Leave-In Conditioner, Avocado Curl Custard and Avocado Oil. Everything your hair needs to gain moisture, promote growth, and soothe your scalp. 

The Flaxseed Styling Line

 Our Flaxseed Styling Collection is made from a hand-made flaxseed gel that we used to create a gel, a curl custard, and edge controls with two different holds. Flaxseed is a natural ingredient perfect for providing curl definition all while strengthening, moisturizing, and protecting your hair.

JBCO Growth Serum

NaturAll Club's Jamaican Black Castor Oil Growth Serum is a concentrated mix of four powerful natural oils combined to promote growth and hair thickness. Not only that but it softens and moisturizes the hair. Our JBCO Growth Serum is a complement to our Avocado Deep Conditioners, meant for daily or every-other-day use. 

Parents and Kids Reviews


Parents are always looking for a safe, effective product for their kids. NaturAll Club products are made with all natural, non-toxic ingredients that work well to leave your kid's hair healthy and manageable. Here are some reviews from parents who make our products a stable part of their kid's haircare routine!

NaturAll Club Hair Products Kids


"It hydrates my daughters hair like no other shampoo
conditioner that I've bought." - Jacqueline M.  Shop Wash Day Bundle  


NaturAll Club Hair Products Kids

"This was the first time I purchased this line and I am in love. It took five years to finally find a product for my five-year-old daughter who has tight, frizzy, curly hair with a lot of shrinkage. But with this product, her hair is very soft, easy to detangle (without crying), moisturizing, and adds shine to those dry strains. I will continue to purchase products from NaturAll Club."
- Alexza S. Shop Full Avocado Collection
NaturAll Club Hair Products Kids
"I used this product on my daughters hair to help her get ready for picture day. And her hair came out do shinny and moisturized and no frizziness. She loved her hair more than I did." - Bria M. Shop Flaxseed Styling Bundle

NaturAll Club Hair Products Kids

"I promised to update my daughter's picture after using the recent products order. Used the dry hair solution, leave-in treatment and curl gel, and these are the results. I she wore her have down this morning a first in over a year." - Rick W. Shop Dry Hair Solution, Leave-In Conditioner, Flaxseed Gel 


NaturAll Club Hair Products Kids

"I bought this for my daughter’s hair and I couldn’t be more satisfied. Her curls are defined, moisturized all day and they don’t look frizzy. She loves getting her hair washed and even the next day her hair is still manageable and easy to style. I’m looking forward to continuing to use this and see how well her hair grows and responds to the products." - Rebecca A. Shop Full Avocado Collection

NaturAll Club Hair Products Kids

"These products are a miracle!!! Brings out my daughters curls so beautifully. N very soft tooo!!!!" - Marie A. Shop Full Avocado Collection

NaturAll Club Hair Products Kids

"I bought the whole line of NaturAll.. I used it on my daughter’s hair first due to my mine is still semi-pressed. I love these products. My favorites are the leave-in conditioner and I love, love, love the custard. Her hair is a coily 4C type." - Sheriece R. Shop Full Avocado Collection

NaturAll Club Hair Products Kids

"I purchased the products for my daughter. Her hair is now more manageable. No kinks, no tangles. Just soft, shiny hair!" - Desiree S. Shop Full Avocado Collection


NaturAll Club Hair Products Kids

"My daughter's hair was breaking off in the back and in 5h3 top. I've using this product weekly and the results have been great!" - Jas J. Shop Jamaican Black Castor Oil Growth Serum

NaturAll Club Hair Products Kids

"This is my daughter Jacqueline. She has been natural all her 14 1/2 years on earth and this is the first time she is happy with her hair! Love these products!" - Beola S. Shop Deep Conditioner Bundle

NaturAll Club Hair Products Kids

"My 7 year old daughter is so happy that we have finally found a product that she can wear her hair down. It did not flake, her hair did not look dry, it was not super hard or crunchy (which all the other million products I have tried on her hair). I am so happy with this product and would recommend to everyone that has tried everything. Thank you!!"
- Tameka R. Shop Full Avocado Collection


NaturAll Club Hair Products Kids


"Works wonders on my daughter hair." - Tikenya B. Shop Full Avocado Collection

NaturAll Club Hair Products Kids

"I decided to try this product to see if it would grow my Daughter's edges. I've used it for about 3 months now. It really works! I'm so happy and will continue to use it! You have a loyal customer in me. Thanks for your creation😁💕" - Genine W. Shop Jamaican Black Castor Oil Growth Serum

NaturAll Club Hair Products Kids

"My daughters hair looks and feels a lot healthier. Thank you!" - Leticia R. Shop Avocado Deep Conditioner 

NaturAll Club Hair Products Kids

"After a wash and condition. Love how it made my daughter’s hair feel. I noticed her hair is easy to detangle with these products!!!" - Shanna D. Shop Wash Day Bundle 


NaturAll Club Hair Products Kids


"I absolutely love this products for my daughters hair. The deep conditioner makes her curls come to life. I have purchased all of the products you have and her hair loves each and every one of them. I really hope that your success and partnering with Shea Moisture doesn’t cause you to change your product to increase revenue. Keep up the good work." Marcia W. Shop Avocado Deep Conditioner Bundle

NaturAll Club Hair Products Kids

"My daughter's hair began breaking off due to constant ponytails and lack of moisture. We've tried so many creams, shampoos, and conditioners but this system has been fantastic so far! We received our first order just a month ago and have been maintaining it weekly. Her puffs are alive and well again!" - Tamara R. Shop Avocado Deep Conditioner


NaturAll Club Hair Products Kids


"My daughter’s hair was dry and frizzy, but after using the dry hair solution deep conditioner, it’s beautiful and soft. She got compliments on her hair." - Valerie B. Shop Leave-In Conditioner


NaturAll Club Hair Products Kids


"I bought this product for my daughter who’s three! I love it she has super curly hair and very tangle and once I applied the dry hair solution deep conditioner I was able to comb through it instantly. This is what the picture reflects. Next time I’ll add a before and after photo to show the difference. Highly recommended!" - Porsha B. Shop Full Avocado Collection


NaturAll Club Hair Products Kids


"First things first I love love love this product! It left my daughters hair more manageable, softer, and not to mention her curls were popping lol. I can’t wait to use the products for myself, and I would definitely use the NATURALL full line." - Lashay P. Shop Wash Day Bundle

Men's Reviews


Here at NaturAll Club we know the men out there need love, too! A variety of sons, fathers, and husbands use our products to keep their hair looking and feeling its best. Whether it be to moisturize your hair or grow out your beard, we make sure our products are versatile enough for all of our loyal customers.

We've compiled just a few of our men's customer reviews along with some video testimonials for your disposal! Learn how to use the products and find what works best for your hair, right here.

Video Reviews

NaturAll Club's Fresh Avocado Deep Conditioner is a must-have. This #1 selling product is the best way to make sure you're achieving healthy, moisturized hair.

Achieve a variety of unique styles by using our Avocado Curl Custard. It's made with the perfect hold to keep your style in tact without the flakes or fuss.


Get a look at a first-hand testimonial on our Jamaican Black Castor Oil Growth Serum. This mixture of essential oils is packed with all of the key ingredients for hair growth!

Men love our Flaxseed Styling Collection too! Check out this video on using Flaxseed to revive and define your curls for all of your desired looks. 

Men's Customer Reviews

"I’ve been using the products for over a month now. I’m in love and I’ve been telling everyone. The avocado stying bundle leaves my hair manageable and I can go days without having to wash or condition/rinse. Most products build up and cause my scalp to itch and flake, these did neither. My natural hair is healthy and happy! Thank you "

-Connie H. Avocado Styling Bundle

"Love the gel. Will definitely order again."

-Mychal T. Flaxseed Styling Bundle


-Danijel W. Jamaican Black Castor Growth Serum

"I used the ultimate wash day bundle and it left my hair very moisturized, soft and manageable to get these twists done!"

-Aaron B. Ultimate Wash Day Bundle

"This product was awesome!!! I wish I discovered it before cutting my hair. My hair was softer and much more manageable."

-Wayne A. Fresh Avocado Deep Conditioner

"My son's hair stays hydrated until our next wash. I also use the avocado oil and the leave-in conditioner for an extra bounce in his 4C hair."

-Monique H. Deep Conditioner Bundle