Type 4 Hair Reviews

NaturAll Club knows how much our Type 4 hair texture babes need their representation. It can be hard to find reviews that accurately show your rich coilies, which is exactly what we're here to change. Every hair type needs some love, so we've compiled the best of the best videos and customer reviews that will have you (and your curls) twirling with joy!

Our products are packed with the moisture and natural ingredients you need to achieve glorious curls, without all the dangerous chemicals. Period. Make sure to keep a look out for some exclusive pro-tips throughout. ;)

The Avocado Collection

So it's wash day and you're looking for a product with the best slip to make the process a little less tedious. NaturAll Club's Ultimate Wash Day Bundle includes all the products you need to cleanse, moisturize, and detangle your crown.  

Our Fresh Avocado Deep Conditioner. Need I say more? Three custom-made solutions, packed with nutrients to enhance your hair regimen. Pro-tip: Many type 4 babes use the deep conditioner as a pre-poo to add moisture straight from the start of the detangling process! 



The Full Avocado Collection is a must-have for achieving your favorite styles. Trust me, avocados are the fruit your hair has been hungry for. Feed your curls moisture and all natural ingredients, so you can feel (and look) your best. 

We didn't forget our kinky kiddies! Many parents love the Avocado Collection for their children to make their hair regimen more fun. Products like our Nourishing Avocado Leave-in Conditioner are fluent in moisture and slip. :)

The Flaxseed Styling Collection

Whether it be a twist-out, wash n go, or locs, your hair needs products with great hold and long-lasting results. The Flaxseed Styling Collection includes the first EVER Flaxseed Edge Control and first EVER Flaxseed Curl Custard - all products that will help you achieve definition without the crunch.  


Introducing our newest addition to the Flaxseed Line: the Flaxseed Edge Control Black. An all-in-one product for coverage while slicking those curlies down. Pro-tip: Our Flaxseed Edge Control and Flaxseed Gel come in an Extreme Hold for tight textures. 

The Jamaican Black Castor Oil Growth Serum

One word, 5 letters: GROWTH. Your first step is a bottle filled with 4 essential oils and a whole lot of love, the JBCO Growth Serum. (But always remember, shrinkage means healthy curlies cuddle up together and rejoice in being baptized in moisture.)

Our JBCO Growth Serum also strengthens your follicles and nourishes your scalp. Rich ingredients + consistency = a happier, healthier, head of hair. Pro-tip: Choose your favorite scent to help yourself be consistent: Orange, Lemon, Lavender or Unscented.  

Type 4 Customer's Reviews


type 4 hair avocado styling bundle review

"The leave in conditioner is very light weight, doesn’t weigh your hair down!!! My hair was sooo soft, would absolutely recommend it, especially the 4C sistas!!! ❤️😊"

Wanjiku T. Avocado Styling Bundle


"My hair is so soft, manageable, moisture and smells amazing. I get compliments all the time as to what perfume I’m using and it’s the oil that smells good. I would recommend this oil to every 4C type."

- Ashley B. JBCO Growth Serum



"The avacado curl custard really helped me master my 4c finger coils! I used to not think my hair could curl like this, until I realized hydrated, moisturized and healthy 4c hair can curl like this 🙌🏾"

- Jasmine B. Full Avocado Collection


"My 4c hair loves these products!!!! For the first time I can rely on a product that does not neglect my hair. I’m in loveeeeee!!!!"

- Tamikia W. Deep Conditioner Solution Box