Which Product is Right for Your Hair?

Shortcuts to our recommendations by hair condition, or read on for a summary of each of our products!

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All our Deep Conditioners contain the same essential ingredients, but we've developed three formulas with important differences that help you get the most out of it. Review a full ingredient list here.

deep conditioners

DRY This formula is specially formulated to penetrate hair with moisture, making it an excellent long-term treatment for consistently dry hair, dry scalp, or brittle hair.

DAMAGED This formula will accelerate the process of damage repair on your scalp and improve the health of your hair. It's a great option for transitioning hair, chemical/color/heat damage, thinning hair, or very high-porosity hair.

DULL This solution will bring a new glow and vibrancy to your hair, and is lower in protein and oils. It’s a great option for protein sensitive hair as well as hair with looser curls or low porosity.




We make four Growth Serum variations with different essential oil scents, but they all have the same benefits for your hair.

growth serum

JBCO GROWTH SERUM This mixture of oils is designed to repair tissue, moisturize the hair and scalp, prevent damage and infections, maintain a healthy scalp, and structure your hair. The result is shine, moisture, and accelerated hair growth. This is a great solution for thinning hair, breakage, hair loss, or slowed growth.

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