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Terrifying Thursday: Kai's Hair Horror Story

Happy Halloween everyone! This holiday is probably the spookiest of them all, and it’s about to get spookier. Keep reading to find out Kai’s hair horror story!

how to prevent natural hair damage

Hey there, I’m Kai! My horror story took place back in 2016. I was eager to get my hair done because it was my second time ever getting a weave. However, it didn’t go exactly as planned. 

In high school, I was obsessed with experimenting with my hair. I would often go to the hair salon my mom swore by and took me to since I was in elementary school. I was very familiar with the owner of the salon so I trusted her wholeheartedly. 

One day, I went out on a limb and decided to ask for a weave. The salon was relatively clean so I didn’t bother paying too much attention to the equipment (first mistake). During the process of getting my hair sewn in, my scalp started itching but I tried my best to ignore it until I felt a slight twinge of pain; the stylist had pierced my scalp with the needle. She apologized but continued sewing as usual without cleaning the wound.

I should have said something, but since I am not the type to complain, I just sat there (second mistake). I began to get a headache at some point during the sewing process but thought it was simply because she was pulling the thread too tight ―which she definitely was. All I wanted was to have my hair laid and slayed so I just let her continue without any complaints.  

fixing damaged natural hair

Three weeks later, I noticed that my headaches had not subsided and now, my scalp was itching like crazy. I began patting so hard that I almost gave myself a concussion, then decided to just dig under the tracks to scratch. To my horror, I had skin coming off in my fingernails.

I started developing sores and scabs all over my scalp and forehead which led to extreme migraines and even a trip to the hospital! The doctor examined my scalp and determined that I had a staph infection that was likely due to the stylist using dirty needles and prescribed a topical medication. Unfortunately, in order to apply the medication easier, I had to do a big chop. 

My hair meant everything to me and to have to come to the decision to cut it off was terrifying for me. I was devastated. The whole reason I was so eager to get the weave in the first place because of the negative stigma surrounding black hair. Growing up, my white grandmother would always say “It looks like a bird’s nest, it looks better straightened,” which influenced me to straighten my hair often and neglect my hair under the false pretense that it was just too much to deal with.

After my horror hair styling incident, it took almost a month for the scabs, swelling, and lumps to disappear. Once they were gone,  I decided it was time to look into natural hair care. 

fresh avocado deep conditioner

Eventually, I found NaturAll Club and began to learn what my hair likes and needs. If I could’ve had any NaturAll Club product to help me through that rough time, I would’ve chosen the Fresh Avocado Deep Conditioner in the Damaged Solution. It would have helped to restore and strengthen my hair in a much quicker time frame, not to mention saved me two years of struggle!

Now, I strongly prefer my natural hair over anything else and it’s the healthiest it's been in a while. Some advice I would give fellow black women in regards to their hair is; leave it alone, let it do what it wants, and be patient with it. Give your hair some care and nourishment and it might surprise you! 

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