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Give The Gift of NaturAll with Our Holiday Deals

This holiday season, NaturAll invites you to indulge in the joy of celebration. The month of December is always filled with so much love and delight, and we’d like to pass that onto you and your loved ones as well. This time is all about giving the perfect gift, and maybe even giving yourself something special too! Keep reading to find more information on our holiday sale offerings, and how we’re making it easy peasy to give the gift of healthy hair!

avocado natural hair care products curly coily kinky sale

We’re so excited to announce our holiday sale so that you can give fabulously fresh and natural products to the ones you love most. Enjoy up to 40% off of the products in our sale section, and to spread even more cheer, orders $75+ will receive a pack of alligator clips and a detangling brush for free. Be sure to order by December 20 to receive items in time for Christmas. Our holiday sale offers some of our best selling and fan favorite products. Check them out below!

Deep Conditioners

Our beloved Fresh Avocado Deep Conditioners are some of our best selling products!  Although it has now been revamped with updated packaging, and a new lavender scent, it still boasts all of the original ingredients that made it a star. Fresh avocado provides your hair with long lasting moisture to maintain hydration levels. The nourishing protein will work to strengthen and add shine to your hair to ensure that your next style is your best style! Simply choose the collusion that is right for your hair, and let the deep conditioner do the rest.

 The Dull Solution will add lasting shine and luster to hair that may have lost it’s special sheen. 

The Dry Solution will plump and hydrate the hair that struggles to maintain its moisture levels. Be sure to deep condition every two weeks to watch your tresses flourish with lasting results! 

The Damaged Solution will work to repair split ends and heat damage from the inside out. 

natural hair care organic avocado deep conditioner

Your hair will love these classic conditioners, and at 40% off with our holiday discount, your wallet will too! They’re available for individual purchase, and in bundles of 3.

Ultimate Wash Day

If you’re known to pile on the styling products you’re probably no stranger to product buildup and maybe even some flakiness. We highly recommend our AvoKiwi Wash and Go Bundle which includes our sulfate free avocado cleansing shampoo, conditioner, and a fresh avocado deep conditioner. This bundle is perfect to use between styles so you can achieve a clean scalp and wash away any flakes or excess product without stripping away all of the natural oils from your hair and scalp. 

 We formulated our Cleansing Avocado Shampoo using only non-toxic and natural ingredients to create a sulfate-free shampoo that thoroughly cleanses, while maintaining the natural balance of moisture for your hair and scalp, all powered by protein rich avocado!

If you don’t usually apply styling products and also don’t notice any debris in your hair or scalp, you may be able to go longer between washes. For those that don’t need a deep clean, but still have dry hair, we recommend “co-washing” which means using a conditioner to replace your shampoo. Co-washing with Naturall’s Hydrating Avocado Conditioner provides your hair with intense moisture, and allows water to wash over your hair and loosen any oils that may be lingering on your strands.

The included  Ice Cream Treatment Deep Conditioner is the perfect last step to getting your juiciest curls yet! The super hydrating formula also offers a great amount of slip to make detangling a breeze! Simply apply to your hair, comb through, and let it sit for 20-40 minutes so it can penetrate your hair strands to provide long lasting moisture. Rinse thoroughly and you’re good to go!

Avocado Styling

Seal in moisture and achieve the style of your dreams! Our Avocado Styling products include the Nourishing Avocado Leave-in Conditioner, Hydrating Avocado Curl Custard, and Hydrating Oil Blend. Our luxuriously rich Leave-in Conditioner provides the perfect blend of slip and shine to enhance definition, promote shine, and combat shrinkage. The Hydrating Avocado Curl Custard gently defines your curls with a medium hold to keep them nice and bouncy while maintaining their length. It’s perfect for achieving that carefree and juicy wash and go look we love. It has a lightweight formula that keeps your curls defined yet soft to the touch.

natural hair organic products curly curl custard hydrating avocado

Apply our custard to your hair while it’s still damp, and be sure to smooth it through the hair, stretching the strands with your hands or a comb, and gently releasing them so that they spring into place. This technique will allow your hair to be uniformly coated and defined so your curls really pop. 

Since NaturAll products are made with non-toxic ingredients, this custard won't leave your coils crunchy! Finish off with the Hydrating Oil Blend to seal and add shine, all powered by organically sourced avocados and innovative extracts from meadow foam seeds and kiwi.

Our Hydrating Oil Blend is the perfect final step in your styling routine! Pour a dime size amount into your hands, and massage the oil into your hair. In our video, the stylist opted to scrunch the hair to help volumize and coat in one step. It will be sure to seal in moisture, smooth down any flyaway hairs, and add even more long lasting shine. 

Flaxseed Styling Line

Our beloved flaxseed products offer your hair the perfect combination of high powered styling products and ultra strengthening super ingredients. The Flaxseed is an antioxidant rich seed that adds protein to the hair to surround follicle with lasting protection. Yogurt powder contains nutrients such as non-hydrolyzed proteins, peptides, dairy lipids, vitamins, and minerals, providing a unique blend of ingredients which vastly help to improve the health of your hair all while holding it in place so you can achieve any style you like!

Flaxseed is one of the best natural sources of omega-3 fatty acids. These compounds moisturize and protect hair. They improve elasticity and prevent breakage. Omega-3s also help soothe and nourish the scalp, and can help prevent scalp conditions like dandruff and itchy scalp. Flax is rich in antioxidants, which repair damaged hair follicles, prevent tissue corrosion, and keep your follicles healthy- creating a hospitable environment for new hair growth. Our flaxseed gel also defines and moisturizes curly and kinky hair without creating stiffness or crunchiness. It provides great hold and is flake free! 

The Flaxseed Line products are available separately or together as the Flaxseed Styling Bundle. It is perfect for curl definition and elongation without damaging your hair with harmful or drying ingredients. 

This is one of our most customizable bundles yet since you can choose to pair any of our Flaxseed Gels or Curl Custard with any of our three Edge Controls.

If you are looking for an edge control that will smooth your edges, tame frizz, and manage flyaways, we have two options for you!  Our All Day hold formula is perfect for someone looking for a flexible hold. For those that prefer an extra firm hold, or have a kinkier hair type, we recommend our 24 Hour Extreme Hold Edge Control to slick down even the most coily tresses. 


We also have our Edge Control Black that is perfect for adding that wow factor to your baby hairs or adding a shiny and sleek look to your favorite hairstyles! If you are experiencing thinning or graying around your edges, it offers a no-transfer formula that helps to cover grey roots and minimize the look of thinning edges. It will smooth your edges, tame frizz, and manage flyaways while also nourishing your edges with antioxidants that will strengthen your hair and encourage growth. 

natural hair care edge control organic

When it comes to achieving the best looks and styles, our Flaxseed stylers are perfect for you. With our Flaxseed Styling Bundle, you can achieve your best wash n' go's, braid-outs, twist-outs, or even 3 strand twists with ease! 

Our Styling Flaxseed Gel Curl Custard works best on wash and go’s! Because this product is water based, it is made to beautifully showcase your unique curl pattern without any crunch, harmful ingredients, or flaking.

Our Curl Defining Flaxseed Gel, on the other hand, works better when it comes to twisting and braiding. Not only does this gel help moisturize whatever style you choose to use it with, but it also leaves bouncy and long lasting results.

LOC Method Bundle

Want to keep your hair moisturized for as long as possible in 3 simple steps? Check out our LOC Method Bundle which includes everything you need for lightweight yet effective daily maintenance! 

Our Thirst Quenching Moisturizer provides moisture to your damp hair and experience a new level of hydration! This is the “L” in LOC. Avocado protein is added to our formula to coat your crown with  luxurious and protein rich ingredients that will transform your thirsty hair into bouncy and plump tresses you’ll love. 

The AvoKiwi Hydrating Oil is our "O" in all its moisture sealing glory!  Smooth this over your hair, and apply directly to the scalp using the handy nozzle tip, to seal in moisture and it will ensure that your products continue to penetrate your hair strands rather than evaporating away. The oil blend is made with innovative ingredients like Meadowfoam & Daikon, to leave your hair with a fresh avocado and kiwi scent and a high shine that really lasts!

Finally, our Hydrating AvoKiwi Curl Custard provides curl defining, hydration, with a flake free formula. It’s the “C” in LOC! The medium hold formula works to enhance your strands and promote a high shine all while elongating your hair to help combat shrinkage. Layer over damp and  conditioned hair for curls that will stay poppin’! 


Try the products in either order, “Liquid, Custard, Oil” or “Liquid, Oil, Custard”, to create a regimen that provides the results that work best for you and your specific hair type.

Full AvoKiwi Collection

This bundle offers one of each of our Avocado Collection products so that you can experience all of the benefits yourself! You’ll receive a frozen Fresh Avocado Deep Conditioner, Shampoo, Rinse-Off Conditioner, Leave-In Conditioner, Moisturizer, Curl Custard, Twisting Paste, and Oil Blend.

These formulas are tried and tested, and beloved by our customers. Featuring all of the ingredients you’ve come to know and love, you can be free to style and hydrate any way you please with protein packed and nutrient rich products you can count on to make your wash day and styling even more manageable. The collection provides essential vitamins C and E, combined with the power of avocado to encourage healthy hair growth and strengthening.

As we detailed, our sale section holds some of our holy grail products, the best sellers, the list toppers, and the crowd favs. Don’t miss your chance to get one of the best deals of the year this holiday season. With so many options, and great discounts, it’s super easy to be deliciously you, and give the gift of healthy hair! Are you looking forward to the sale? Let us know which products you’ve got your eye on in the comment section below!

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